policy/program recommendation

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Paper Overview
● Select a topic or question related to CVD, cancer or diabetes
○ This could be a specific risk factor or determinant (physiological,
social, environmental)
○ Intervention, policy or program
○ How knowledge/risk factors/programs etc have changed over
● Format
○ Eight pages, double spaced (excluding references, figures and
title page)
○ At least six high quality references, most of which should be
from within the last decade
○ Written at the level of the audience
○ MLA format
The paper consists of three separate assignment submissions
● Outline (2%) due January 31st
● Draft (6%)
● Final paper (12%)
Componentǒ anǁ BreakdowǏ
● Meant to indicate focus/question of final paper
● Format
○ Three pages maximum including six to eight peer-reviewed sources
○ Either paragraph or bullet point structure is fine
● Structure
○ Title page (your name, title of your paper, instructor and TA’s name)
○ Introduction
○ Literature review
○ Discussion
○ Conclusion
○ References
• Three to four points covering introduction/background of problem
• Relevant stats can go here
• Thesis statement or research question
• Main idea of your essay, one-two sentences
• Considered a road map for the paper
Title of Paper: “The association between nulliparity and breast cancer”
● One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime (Naavi et al., 2021)
● Most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the US (Rowan et al., 2021)
● Among women with breast cancer, 15% have never been pregnant (Juno et al.,
Thesis: This paper will explore the association between women who have never been pregnant and risk of breast cancer
IntroductioǏ ǘamplǂ
Literaturǂ Review
● Theme 1: expansion on the main point of your paper
● Theme 2: expansion on another main point of you
● Theme 3: if applicable
● Should be around two to three bullet points each
LiǓ Review ǘamplǂ
• Nulliparity and breast cancer
• Mila et al., (2021) found that 20% of the BC+ women in their study
had never had a child
• Elsa et al., (2021) found that women who had children at an early
age reported a greater number of negative mammograms
• Use of hormonal contraceptive and BC risk
• Lloyd et al., (2021) reported that women who used hormonal
contraceptive for over a decade had a 1.5 higher incidence rate
than women who had never used hormonal contraceptive
Two or three ideas/findings you’d like to discuss regarding the study results
from the lit review
● Evidence based explanation on how nulliparity may be related to breast
● Compare and contrast various findings on why nulliparity may be related
to BC
● Any population that may be inordinately impacted by this association
● Any gaps in literature regarding your topic

Could be a policy/program recommendation based on the literature
you found, a statement about the need for further research or a
summary of your findings.
● Clinicians should know about the association between
nulliparity and BC to identify any at-risk patients
● Future research should utilize larger databases to strengthen
the association between nulliparity and BC

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