Please respond to six of the eight essay questions posted below, each of them should be about 300 words.

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Given what we know about governmental process, is it more common for public policy to stay the same or change quickly? Why? In your answer, make sure and lay out in which stages of the policy process these reasons arise, highlight some reasons for this under both divided and unified government, and whether we see differences in domestic versus foreign policy.
Highlight the types of benefits politicians and bureaucrats receive from interest groups. What is the pluralist defense of interest groups? What might undermine this perspective? Why might it not be so bad? Describe the difference between insider and outsider lobbying tactics. What types of interest groups generally use each? Under what circumstances will one by more impactful than the other?
Where does public opinion come from? Discuss its cognitive foundations and how socialization produces these. Why might aggregate public opinion be ok (that is, rational), even if people don’t know a lot about politics? Why not – what might undermine these mechanisms?
How do we best measure public opinion? Describe important differences between focus groups, nonscientific polling, and scientific polling, including their benefits and drawbacks. Which is best for accurately measuring public opinion? Why? How might this type still have problems of accuracy?
How is the US media unique from other countries? What impact have these differences had on the media’s interaction with politics? How has the media evolved over our nation’s history through the eras we discuss? How “good” is today’s media, in your opinion?
What factors influence how the media covers political issues? How do these standards influence the way the public thinks about policy problems, political events, and electoral contests? What could the media do to improve how Americans think about such important political problems? Make sure and describe the five impacts of the modern media. Which of these five is least likely to occur? Why?
Consider the four normative standards we discuss re: elections. In your opinion, does the US system of elections generally meet each of these? If so, why? If not, which ones are not met? Why? Make sure and engage with some of the debates we engage with over money in politics, electoral reforms, voter competency, etc.
What are the four goals/tactics of a campaign we discuss, and why do these matter? What types of factors explain an individual voter’s probability of turning out to vote? What could be done to increase voter turnout? Why, and under what conditions, would these strategies work? How do voters decide what/whom to vote for? Which factors are most important, and how does this vary across types of elections?
What makes a “good” answer to each prompt that would earn full credit?
Your answers should…
include all parts of the question, as applicable
include an appropriate set and number of examples, if required
clearly demonstrate an understanding of the concepts in the question
not include irrelevant information
be in your own words
not have any major factual errors
represent original work and is not copied from other sources, including other student answers
be written in sentence form
not have major grammatical or spelling errors
be organized and easy to follow
Note: Since I am an international student who just came to the US for two years, please avoid using specific examples from daily life. Using context in the textbook is OK.

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Please respond to six of the eight essay questions posted below, each of them should be about 300 words.

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