Persuasive Literary Essay

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Topic is Identity (persuasive literary essay about how oppression, toxic masculinity and racism (ie White Supremacy) hinder indigenous identity, divide communities, by repudiating Indigenous culture
Formulate a proper and strong thesis statement
Novel is “Moon of the crusted Snow” By Waubgeshig Rice
5-6 pages
1 source, which is the novel

For the six quotations you choose to prove your thesis follow the guidelines

1. Introduce the quotation and context
2-Embed the quotation and cite in MLA
3-Analyz-break down the quotation-show and explain what is going on with it
4-Evaluate-how it proves your thesis

Consider the following questions about the topic of Indigenous identity

1) How is indigenous identity portrayed in your novel? Do the characters struggle with their identity. Think about the protagonist and antagonist. How do they deal with the identity struggle? What is the possible message here?
2) Explore the use of certain oral traditions as themes in your novel? What messages are being passed through oral traditions. How do oral traditions strengthen indigenous identity. What is the message here?
3-What cultural ways of being are portrayed. What is the possible mesage

-Essay should reflect sophisticated understanding of persuasive writing techniques, structural techniques, literary devices and supporting evidence
-writing reflects a critical and analytical understanding of the text
-clear reasoning, insightful inferences from concrete details to suport the connected ideas of the thesis
-focues on thematic and stylistic elements of the text

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Persuasive Literary Essay

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