Need 3 pages done-Racial Integration and the military

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I need 3 pages done according to the outline: Each sentence (letter) is the beginning of one paragraph. 


I.                   Integration of Racial Groups

a.       Over time, it came to be known that there were other racial groups that has strengths were this particular group was weak

b.      Allowing others to integrate into this organization not only made them stronger, but allowed them to penetrate their enemy on a larger scale than before


c.       It did not happen overnight as there were many that had to deal with tension and racism in order to be “accepted” within the group

I.                   The Present and Future

a.       The military has come to represent one unit overall and has set many an example for other organizations to follow

b.      Even though executive orders were put in place to assist with racial integration, it would have eventually happened but maybe not in the manner of which it did


c.       There are still some problems that continue to linger, but for the most part racial integration has proven to be a collaborative effort that has worked out in the best favor for all involved

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Need 3 pages done-Racial Integration and the military

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