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Please watch the movie Thirteen Days (Roger Donaldson, 2000) through the link provided below. You will need to log in with your SDSU Gmail address and password. You can turn on the closed caption (subtitles) by clicking on the vertical ellipsis sign”⋮“located on the screen’s right bottom corner. (Links to an external site.)


1) Why is it difficult to make decisions? What type of decisions are they?

2) Who is involved in the decision-making process in addition to the President? What is the name of the committee?

3) What is the impact of time pressure and uncertainty on decision-makers?

4) Do decision-makers face moral dilemmas? Do they employ historical analogies (e.g., past experiences from world history) when interpreting the situation and possible consequences?

5) In the light of Graham Allison’s governmental decision-making model, is it possible to control every agency/actor within the government? Are there situations in which the Kennedy Administration losing its control over the events? (You may refer to the fifth chapter of the textbook for this question).


  • The essay will be double-spaced, written in font size 12, Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri fonts, minimum three, maximum four pages (excluding the bibliography page) in length. No cover page is needed.
  • Over 40% of similarity based on the Turnitin report will be considered plagiarism, and the student will be reported. It would be best if you used quotation marks for direct quotations from the textbook or other sources (“…”). If you paraphrase a sentence or paragraph, you should still provide information about the source.
  • Submission must be in DOC or DOCX formats only. Canvas cannot open submissions in *pages format.
  • You must try to answer all questions provided to you for the assignment. You will not answer them separately by giving them numbers; you should incorporate the answers into your essay.
  • This assignment is a reflection paper rather than a research paper, and for this reason, I do not require you to benefit from other sources. The textbook would suffice. You can refer to the textbook (e.g., “As mentioned on page 140 of the textbook” would be enough), and no citation is required. However, if you benefit from additional sources, please cite them properly (MPA or APA styles are accepted) to avoid plagiarism; and have a bibliography section at the end of your essay.
  • You are expected to present the content, critically analyze it, and reflect on the new information you gained while connecting the issues to the course’s themes. Please provide some theoretical information about the subject (from the textbook), especially the main assumptions of a theory or model. Your paper must be well-organized (with an introduction and conclusion paragraphs). It must be written in a professional and academic language (e.g., no use of contractions) that applies the grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules (You may benefit from MS-Word’s language-check feature).
  • Please feel free to incorporate your views as well. You may use ‘I-statements’ when sharing your opinion.

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