Lockdown 2020 the Onset of The Pandemic and Covid 19 in 2019 Discussion

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Event is Lockdown 2020 :-due to so much time on daily basis i started understanding how business works, looking at situation around i developed a keen to learn about the stock markets and businesses around the world i also learned technical analysis of a stock i also wanted to learn about coding so that i can build a bot which can trade 24/7 for me i started going to my dad’s office to learn about how to handle little things i got involved at learning things in a practical way i also started reading so many books whenever i get free time i also enrolled into many courses of stock market to understand the basics and technicals analysis of a stock everything happened because i got enough time apart from my schools and tuitions

Even i developed a skills to try to open up to people and try to talk to them and understand them before giving your opinion i learned to gain different perspectives and my convincing power also increased than it was before i also became an introvert but i loved it because it developed my brain as it was not tired talking to people in routine

I also predicted some shares and told my dad to buy he somehow believed in me and so now i also believe i can move forward with other curricular activities like learning a coding language, learn intraday tradings, understand about quantitative analysis, learn more about financials and capital structure of a startup then understand about multibagger companies and try to understand their strategies in different situations

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Lockdown 2020 the Onset of The Pandemic and Covid 19 in 2019 Discussion

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