Letter of Reflection Assignment Instructions

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Professional letters may be used for a variety of purposes, including applying for teaching positions, grant proposals, student recommendations, etc. Following a professional letter template will help to establish yourself as a confident professional, particularly when discussing sensitive information.


Write a formal letter to your course instructor following a professional template, applying various aspects of current APA style writing, while critically reflecting on your individual growth in the areas of scholarly and professional writing.

Use the Letter of Reflection Assignment Template.

  • Format: Your letter should be in first person point of view and follow the format of a professional letter.
    • Examples:
      • You can use pronouns such as I, my, etc. to refer to yourself in your letter.
      • You can use pronouns such as you to refer to your course professor in your letter. [Continue to avoid hypothetical you/we statements, unless you are directly referring to yourself and the course instructor.]
  • Guidelines:
    • The letter should consist of at least four paragraphs with each paragraph being 6-7 complete sentences:
      • Strengths in the following area:
        • Written communication
        • Current APA style
      • Weaknesses in the following areas:
        • Written Communication
        • Current APA style
      • What have you learned pertaining to:
        • A teacher using written communication
        • The current APA style of writing
        • The various course activities
      • How you will apply the following to your future profession (include specific grade level/subject, if relevant)
        • Written communication by the teacher
        • Elements of the current APA style of writing

Letter of Reflection Template

Month Day, Year

Dear Professor:

Throughout this course I have come to recognize my many strengths… You will continue your paragraph onto the second line without double-spacing your document. However, you will want to skip a line between paragraphs. Notice how the paragraphs are not indented and are left justified? This is called block format.

In the process of discovering my strengths, I have also discovered my weaknesses…

I have learned much throughout this course concerning…

There are several ways I plan on applying what I have learned in this course to…

Sincerely (You can use a different closing if you wish), 

Your Full Name (Your signature would go between your closing line and your typed full name)

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Letter of Reflection Assignment Instructions

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