Learning Skills Inventory Assignment Instructions

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This series of learning inventories is a companion volume to Orienting Adults to Learning in Graduate Theological Education. The instructor has selected the inventories because of their utility of application and usefulness for conducting learning self-assessments. The inventories and assessments will combine to provide a comprehensive picture of your learning skills. The information gleaned from the taking of the inventories and assessments will provide you with essential information about the type of learner you are or need to become. All of the inventories and assessments are self-administering and self-grading. None of the inventories, with the possible exception of Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory, have any predictive value. The purpose of the inventories is to provide you with additional information concerning your learning skills, not to make judgments on your academic abilities. None of these inventories correlate with GPA or IQ. Do not let the test taking quality of these inventories scare you away from completing them. There are no “right answers” required for any of them; they are simply appraisals based most often upon your own self-assessment.


Learning Skills Inventory: Brain Dominance Assignment

Click on the Learn item link entitled “Explore: Left Brain/Right Brain Orientation” and it will take you to the website where you will be able to take the Brain Dominance Test online. When finished, take a screenshot or a picture with your smart phone of the page where your final results are displayed. Upload this image to the assignment space provided in Canvas. You need nothing else to complete this assignment beyond the uploading of the results of your inventory. No written results will be accepted only a screenshot or a photo of the completed inventory. Your final profile should look like this only with the results filled in both lobes:

Learning Skills Inventory: Kolb Learning Style Assignment

This is a paper and pencil inventory found in the Lowe and Lowe resource. The Learning Style Inventory by David Kolb is recognized as one of the most robust, reliable, and accurate of all of the learning style assessments available. This inventory is a paper and pencil one that you take using the materials provided in the Assessing Adult Learning in Graduate Theological Education document. Clear, step-by-step directions are provided there for you to complete the inventory correctly. Do not forget to connect all of your numerical scores on the LSI target diagram with lines to reveal a profile of your learning style. When you have done this, take a picture of the completed LSI target only with the lines connecting each score. Upload this picture to the course. No written scores will be accepted for this assignment; only a picture of the completed LSI target. Nothing else needs to be done to fulfill this assignment. Your finished LSI target should look like this:

Learning Skills Inventory: Best and Worst of Times Assignment

This is a paper and pencil inventory found in the Lowe and Lowe resource. Complete the inventory and take a picture of it with your smart phone then upload the picture to the course location for submitting assignments. No other steps need to be taken to complete this assignment once you uploaded your final results.

Learning Skills Inventory: Learning Modalities VARK Assignment

Using the Lowe and Lowe resource, complete the VARK inventory online. Once you have completed the inventory, take a screen shot or take a picture with your smart phone and upload the VARK profile to the appropriate location in the course. After you have uploaded the final profile this assignment is completed. Written results will not be accepted, only the completed profile generated on the website. Your completed profile should look like this:

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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Learning Skills Inventory Assignment Instructions

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