Kroger Digital Transformation

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Question 1: Explain why Kroger underwent its Digital Transformation (identify the business drivers and opportunities)?
Question 2: What are the key elements of Kroger’s Digital Transformation? Explain your answers using examples.
Question 3: What does success look like for this digital transformation project, and how will you measure success?

References, the two Harvard Course packs attached, New Elements of Digital Transformation and The Digital Transformation of Kroger and Also need two additional references.

Appendices: these pages are to be included beyond the reference section in the following order:

  1. Visual Illustrations: must include a minimum of 2 visual illustrations, info-graphics, tables, and/or charts that help illustrate and strengthen your answer(s); additionally, illustrations should be relevant, meaningful, referenced (directly above the visual along with the label used for citing it in your paper), explained (directly below the visual – be sure to explain how it is relevant to your discussion, do not just explain by providing a definition or you will not meet the requirements), and cited (if it is not cited in the paper, you will not meet the requirements). Do not include a chart just because it will take up space – it should tell a story and help further explain and strengthen a point you were trying to make in the paper.

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Kroger Digital Transformation

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