juxtapose the assigned textbook readings

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SPMA 1P91                                Winter 2021                               Final Project Handout

The final project is due Late submissions will lose 20 marks (out of 100 marks) for handing it in the next day and 20 more marks for every subsequent day it is late.

You’ll recognize this from the course outline:

“There will be a final project that will require students to juxtapose the assigned textbook readings and Prof. Hyatt’s lectures. More details will be supplied in the Final Project Handout.”

What you are reading is the Final Project Handout.

There sure are a lot of readings to do in SPMA 1P91! In fact, there are times when Prof. Hyatt simply can’t fit all the fabulous and thought-provoking material found in the Pedersen & Thibault textbook into his lectures. Over the years some students have approached him with their disappointment that some wonderful thing in the textbook was never mentioned in class. Apparently, these students were inspired by what they read and were hoping to gain more insight when that information was discussed in lecture. It was those students who inspired this project.

Working individually, in no more than eight double-spaced pages (not including your title page and reference page), pick at least four and no more than seven different things that are mentioned in the assigned Pedersen & Thibault textbook chapters that were not covered (either in the PowerPoint bullet points or verbally) in Prof. Hyatt’s lectures, that you feel should have been addressed. Explain why each of these four-to-seven things should have been addressed. (Note: Pick your four to seven things from only those chapters that correspond with the required textbook reading for the 20 lessons. Do not pick your things from the chapters that weren’t assigned or from the readings from the reading packet used in seminar.) As well, each of your four-to-seven different things must come from a different chapter of the assigned textbook readings.

Need some guidance? Look for things in the assigned textbook readings that relate to the topic of the lesson that were simply missed that would have made a great addition to the lesson on their own weight. Look for things in the assigned textbook readings that relate to one of the other 19 lessons that were not mentioned in either the lesson where the reading was assigned or the other relevant lesson(s) of the 19 other lessons. Think about things in the assigned textbook readings that might have become very, very relevant based on what is going on in the sport industry today that Prof. Hyatt might not have addressed because (in an effort to keep things simple as he faced the uncertainty of teaching a “Covid class”) he did not spend as much time as he typically does updating his lecture slides from one year to the next.

The word “relevant” keeps coming up. This is a nice word. Prof. Hyatt doesn’t want to read things like, “In this assigned textbook chapter, they mentioned curling. You should have talked about curling because that’s my favourite sport.” Or, “In this assigned textbook chapter, they mentioned Fred Clodhopper. Fred was my next-door neighbour growing up and he taught me to ride a bike.” Pick four-to-seven different things from the text that SPMA 1P91 students would have benefited from should a bit of time have been spent on them in lectures.  

This project must be formatted like your term paper (proper APA formatting- 7th edition- is required). This includes using one brief (one sentence) direct quotation (complete with a proper in-text citation with a page number) for each of the four-to-seven things. Why? Without a direct quotation, the grader might not remember reading what you claim you read, leaving them doubting themselves and scouring pages and pages of the textbook in search of something you claim is in there that might be something you make up. Of course, if you are to use four-to-seven citations, you’ll need the corresponding references in your reference section. Feel free to use outside research should you think outside research would bolster your arguments.

The project must be submitted electronically through the course’s Sakai website. The Turnitin.com feature will be enabled. Prof. Hyatt will use Turnitin to check to see if your work is original.

This project will be graded by your seminar leader. If you have any questions, direct them to the person who’s grading your project.  

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