Informational Interview Discussion – Research Paper 101

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Different from a job interview, an informational interview is a conversation you arrange with someone who works in a field or company that interests you. The purpose of this type of interview is to help you explore an industry, organization, or job title. You may ask questions focused on how to break into an industry, what a career in that field or organization is really like, and whether it fits your skills and interests. Since you are not seeking a job offer, think of informational interviewing as a way to gather information and to prescreen a potential job, industry, or company.

Take a moment to review the Information Interviewing Guide (Links to an external site.), pulled from the My Compass to My Career (MCMC) portal. Discuss some of the benefits of conducting an informational interview.


As the Crafting Your Personal Brand Workbook highlights, developing a brand

  • helps you focus on the value you bring to employers and identifies the unique traits you bring to the workplace;
  • delivers an authentic message to hiring managers around your career goals and depicts who you are as a professional;
  • enables employers to see not only the skills you have, but also the unique personality and character traits you have to offer; and
  • helps you define how your vision for the future aligns with the long-term business objectives of the hiring organization, effectively elevating your status from commonplace commodity to one-of-a-kind package.

Take a moment to describe your professional strengths and make an argument for why they are important.


This week, Chapter 2 considers the relationship between individuals and communities. Oftentimes, this discussion is at the center about debates over technology and ethics. When considering the relationship between individuals and communities, Michael Boylan suggests that there are two main considerations (“The Self in Context: A Grounding for Environmentalism”).

  1. The way that individuals understand their role and ability to act
  2. They way that individuals see and understand their actions within a larger social context

Using this schema as a guide, what is the relationship between the individual and his or her environmental community? What are the individual roles and responsibilities to act ethically when considering technological impact on the environment? Be sure to illustrate your response using a concrete example of a technology and key formations.

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Informational Interview Discussion – Research Paper 101

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