I’m working on a engineering Lab Report and need a sample draft to help me study

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The data provided on the excel sheets were measured using the tensile testing machine in the EIS 12 lab. The materials tested were 1018 steel and 6061 Aluminum. The initial lengths and final lengths were also measured to calculate the % elongation. Using the data provided, plot the stress vs. strain curves for steel and aluminum. (Please submit this assignment as a PDF. It is not a formal lab report, just answer the following questions.)

a) 1 point Write the equations (3 separate equations) for stress, strain, and Young’s modulus. Explain what each variable is

b) 1 point Write the formula for % Elongation. What material property does this represent?c)

2 points Define the following: a.yield strength b.ultimate strength c.elastic deformation d .plastic deformation 

e)proportional limit

Describe the fracture behavior of the steel and compare it to the Aluminum. Explain what “necking” means and compare the different types of fractures we might observe from tensile testing. Explain why we might want to do tensile testing. e) 1 point Using the formula for % elongation (%EL), calculate the %EL for the steel and the aluminum. How do they compare? Does this make sense based on what you know about steel and aluminum from previous labs? What material property explains this? f). 3 points Make stress vs. strain diagrams using the data on excel.

a.If you use Matlab you get one extra point.g)1 point Draw the 0.002 offset line to determine the yield strength of both samples.Why do we use the 0.002 offset rule? You can hand draw the line or create the line using excel/Matlab. 

h) point Compare the differences in the stress vs. strain curves for steel and Al. What do you notice about the steel curve? What is this difference called? i) 3 points Use the internet or textbooks to find the empirical values for yield strength and ultimate strength of 1018 steel and Aluminum.

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I’m working on a engineering Lab Report and need a sample draft to help me study

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