HRMD 610 Literature Review

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Week 9

Note: Submissions will not be accepted after grades for this assignment have been posted.  Alternate assignments are not available.

Content Requirements (85% of assignment value)

Look at the Conceptual Model of HR.  Choose one area you find interesting and conduct a literature review. See:

Requirements and Assessment

Content (70%)

The work is original.  Remember that you may not submit work that was created for any other class, including a previous semester of HRMD 610.  This was part of the Academic Integrity Pledge you signed at the beginning of the term.   The professor reserves the right to submit student papers to determine the originality percentage at his or her discretion.  A good rule of thumb is that no more than 20% of a paper should be from direct quotes.

The content is substantial and represents a significant literature review.  In other words, the material extends substantially beyond the course readings.  The issues discussed are key facets of the topic.    

The references represent scholarly sources.  Plan to use 8-12 sources for the paper.  (Use UMGC’s library.  The librarians are very helpful.)   All references are cited and all citations are referenced.

Sources published prior to 2010 should be avoided, except when some brief history of the topic is necessary.

Critical Thinking Skills (15%)

The introduction tells the reader the purpose and topic of the paper. 

The information is synthesized and relates back to the purpose and topic of the paper.

Presentation (15%)

Special terms are defined. 

Points are logically sequenced; the paper is well-organized.   

The summary recaps the key points and provides closure to the discussion.

Technical aspects of writing (i.e., grammar, sentence structure, and spelling) are correct. 

The body of the paper does not exceed 8 double-spaced pages.  (The page limit asks you to think about what is most important and to communicate it concisely.  This is a valuable business skill since managers often have time to read only the executive summaries or the first page of a resume!  Note:  This does not mean that substance should be sacrificed; it just means it should be presented concisely.)

Citations are given for non-original material, using APA format for the in-text citation as well as the reference list. 

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HRMD 610 Literature Review

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