HRM 602 Signature Assignment

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The Signature Assignment is an 8-10 page paper written in APA format
with a minimum of five (5) to eight (8) references (at least three
references from Academic databases, such as EBSCO, ProQuest,
Google Scholar or LexisNexis). Please note that for a short academic
paper such as this, I do not require you to write an abstract or Table of
Contents. Nevertheless, please include a Title Page and a References
page. Also, be mindful of plagiarism and cite your sources!
The CEO from the Module 4 Case Assignment was very impressed
with your resolution of the issues regarding employees and their
extended lunch breaks. The CEO brings new problems to your
attention. Several employees have been posting negative comments
about the company on their personal Facebook, Instagram, and
Twitter accounts. Their comments specifically address the fact that
the company requires them to volunteer for an organization that
services underprivileged children in the community. The employees
realize the supervisor knows about their negative comments and
threatens to complain because they believe their privacy has been
Additionally, the supervisor has reported that one of these employees
has repeatedly been showing up late to work and missing meetings.
The supervisor suspects this employee is often drunk or high at work
because of mood swings, and lowered quality of work product. The
CEO learns about this situation from the supervisor and wants you to
terminate the suspected drunk/high employee immediately.
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The CEO informs you to take care of these company employee issues
and you inform the CEO that you will take care of it. However, yet
again, when you return to your office to review policies, code of
conduct, privacy standards, company process for employee
termination, etc., your assistant informs you that what you are looking
for does not exist. You realize you will have to develop written
standards and follow up with training in the near future.
In your paper, please address the following to remedy the CEOs
Written standards
Training as applicable
Follow up assessments (surveys, climate assessments, drug
testing, etc.)
Legal and/or compliance concerns associated (e.g., does it
cause harm to the employees or the organization? Legal
ramifications if any)
Your plan to shape the behavior for incoming employees
In your conclusion, write 3 – 4 sentences about your view of
HRM role relevant to ethics from what you learned in this
Incorporate and address in your paper the topics from the last
4 modules:
Fair Treatment
Privacy and Monitoring
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HRM and Employee Exit
Role of the HR Manager in Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)
Introduction including factual background and thesis statement
Application of research, course terminology and themes within
the assignment
Please use the APA style for referencing, in text, as well as to
format the list of references.
Include 5 – 8 references from the Touro library (cite each at
least once)
Conclusion (include a summary of the main points)
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HRM 602 Signature Assignment

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