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Write your answers to the following problems on a separate sheet of paper, or print this paper out and write your answers on this paper.

For the statements below indicate whether it is a hypothesis, theory, natural law or if it is not a scientific statement at all. Provide an explanation for your reasoning.

Statement 1: By increasing the amount of sun exposure the growth of a tomato plant will increase.

Statement 2: Energy cannot be created or destroyed

Statement 3: When newly industrialized parts of Britain became polluted in the nineteenth century, smoke killed lichens growing on trees and blackened their bark. Pale colored moths which had been well camouflaged before when they rested on tree trunks became very conspicuous and were easily found and eaten by birds. Rare dark moths, which had been conspicuous before, were now well camouflaged in the black background. Birds switched from eating mainly dark moths to pale moths. Over time, the most common moth color changed from pale to dark. Natural selection had caused a change in the British moth population.

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Homework bio 130

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