History of T-shirts

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  • Describe the history of the item, for example, if you choose to write about gloves, give a synopsis of its usage

throughout history with an emphasis on end use, fabrics, fit and construction over time. (2-3 pages)

  • Discuss how the quality of this particular item has changed over the course of its history. Be as specific as possible.

For example, gloves used to be constructed with pattern pieces called fourchettes and quirks, now very few are made

with fourchettes and even fewer with quirks. Elaborate on any changes in construction, stitches and seams used, erosion

of fabric or material quality, shaping, etc. (1-2 pages)

We know that the primary reason for loss of quality in apparel is primarily due to price considerations. If you were

the CEO of a corporation in charge of developing the item you chose, based on your research, what might you change in

the production of this item to improve quality and why? Discuss not only what you would change, but also how you

might go about justifying the increased cost of this change. For example, if you worked for a glove manufacturer and

decided to add quirks back into your glove patterns, what are the reasons for this change and how would you go about

implementing them? As an example, you might make this change as you are getting high returns on your current gloves

due to poor fit, so implementing quirks will improve fit and reduce returns, thereby balancing out the additional pattern

and material expenditure. (1-2 pages; creativity points will weigh heavily here).

  • In academic writing, do not use “I” statements!!! Instead of saying “I recommend…” instead say ” My recommendation as CEO would be to” I will count off one point for every “I” in your papers.

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History of T-shirts

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