Helping Maddie Learn New Words

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Watch the video, Helping Maddie Learn New Words, and observe how the teachers work with Maddie to learn language. You may need to watch the video more than once. While watching the video, take your own notes, although you will not need to submit notes for this assignment. After watching the video, create a language enrichment plan to support Maddie and other children in a program. Use the resources from this module and include one resource in your paper for support.

Your language enrichment plan should include environmental and interactive enrichments and be no more than 2 pages in length. Include an introduction and conclusion. Your reference page and title page are in addition to the required page length and should be in APA format

  • Describe enrichments you would add to a program environment and learning space to support her language development. Be specific and offer examples from all developmental domains and several interest areas.
  • Describe how you would enrich your interactions with Maddie and the other children to support language development. What would you say or do? Be specific and offer examples.

Video: Helping Maddie Learn New Words

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Helping Maddie Learn New Words

Maddie sits on the floor with her regular teacher (foreground) and her speech teacher (in the back). The teachers use hand signs and words to ask Maddie to point to one of two pictures, the one for which the word and sign refer. Watch this video carefully, noting which concepts Maddie understands (suggestions in Section A). Watch the full five-minute video or use the video segments (in Section B) to focus your attention on specific aspects of Maddie’s thinking.
In Section C we offer some possible conclusions about what Maddie knows and ask you which ones you accept. Finally, in Section D we ask you for comments on this general procedure of working with children with special rights.

Section A. When you look at the video segments in Section B, think about which of these concepts are supported by what you see.

1. When the teacher makes a sign, I am supposed to make the same sign.
2. When a sign is made, I am supposed to point to one of the pictures.
3. When I point to a picture, sometimes the teachers clap.
4. If the teachers do not clap, then I have pointed to the wrong side.
5. If the teachers do not clap, then I have pointed to the wrong picture.
6. If the teachers do not clap, I should point to the other picture.
7. The spoken word is associated with the mental image I have for that object.
8. A sign is a symbol, that is, it can be used to designate a particular object.
9. I need to look at the sign and listen to the word before I point to a picture.

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Helping Maddie Learn New Words

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