Food Sovereignty Essay – Research Paper 101

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1. Watch Pinchbeck’s 30 min intro to How Soon is Now? and read the Intro to the book itself. Are you excited to read this book? Why or why not?2. For this week’s discussion forum, one of your paragraphs should be on Part I of Daniel Pinchbeck’s book How Soon is Now?

3. Your reading response this week needs to be on the Northcott readings, but you can choose either “Losing and Finding Sacred Place”, or “Food Sovereignty from Joshua to La Via Campesina” to focus on (but not the Intro chapter). These chapters are dense and difficult, but also marvelous and illuminating. I would not worry about summarizing a whole chapter because that would be impossible. But try to focus on one major developed theme in either chapter, for example, Northcott’s reply to White’s criticism of Christianity in connection to the idea of sacred place, or his forging of a link between Ancient Hebrew agricultural values and practices and the contemporary La Via Campesina movement being two examples. As usual, when focusing in your RR feel free to do some additional research, or following-up on Northcott’s sources.

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Food Sovereignty Essay – Research Paper 101

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