Fahrenheit 451: Part Three; Burning Bright

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  • Use this handout to discuss Part Three of F451.
  • Of course, discuss anything else you might discover that is not listed here.
  1. Examine the scene when Montag and the firemen pull up in front of his house. Much is said and done in this scene. How doe each character act? What is revealed?
  • Discuss Montag’s realization that Beatty wanted to die. Is this another motif running through the novel?
  • Examine Montag’s run from the house over the boulevard. Discuss the children driving the Beatle car too. What does it say about this society?
  • Examine the surveillance used in Part Three. What does Montag hear on the seashell earphones? What do Faber and Montag see on the TV at Faber’s house?
  1. Technology plays an important role in all parts of this novel. Discuss its impact on the world in Part Three: the characters, the government of a futuristic United States, etc. What do you think Ray Bradbury was concerned about with such technology? Is there a Reality TV aspect to how the government approaches the chase of Montag?
  • Continuing with this idea of Reality TV, discuss Montag’s run for the river after he leaves Faber’s house. What does it say about the government and society?
  • Examine what Montag thinks and fantasizes as he floats down the river and enters the woods. Do you see contrast between his past life and a possible new one? Notice the use of setting.
  • How does the chase for Montag end? What does Granger show him? Why is telling of the government?
  • Granger tells many things to Montag. How they became books through memory, his thoughts on his grandfather, his ideas on the Phoenix, the mirror factory, etc. Analyze Granger’s thoughts and ideas. Why does Bradbury include them?
  1. What Biblical references are included in Part Three: especially towards the end? Why are they included?
  1. Bradbury utilizes various symbolic elements in the novel. What symbolism can you find in Part Three?
  1. What themes are present in Part Three? To find themes you need to look at characters, setting, plot, symbolism, motifs, etc.
  1. Discuss the ending. What do you think of the ending?
  1. Is there anything you want to discuss that is not listed on this study guide? Please share.

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Fahrenheit 451: Part Three; Burning Bright

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