Explain the causes of COPD.  

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Read the COPD Lesson  Lesson and answer the following questions on a separate document that will be submitted in Canvas.  Please note that all references should be listed and cited accordingly.  Please note that anything greater than 30% similarity in your submitted paperwork, will result in you having to REDO your paper.  Your documents will be screened, so make sure that your work is your own. APA 7th edition format.

a. Explain the causes of COPD.  

b. What diagnostic tests & labs are pertinent when assessing for COPD?

c.  Name at 3 Evidenced Based Practice medications used in the management of COPD and explain how they work, common doses, onset & duration, and contraindications.  

d.  What signs & symptoms can you expect with a patient experiencing COPD exacerbation?

e.  Name 5 medications/fluids that are  used in the treatment of COPD.  Explain what they do and how they are used.

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Explain the causes of COPD.  

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