Evidence-based school counseling

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Watch the video entitled “MTSS and the Role of the School Counselor”. The video can be accessed here. Read the article MTSS and the ASCA National Model by Denise Ebersole, Ph.D.. The article can be accessed here. Read chapter 6 Outcome Research on Evidence-Based School Counseling Interventions and Programs in your textbook. For your discussion board post, review the school climate survey data for Hudson City School District here and follow the prompt below. (30 points) Pretend you are a School Counselor at Hudson City School District. You have been tasked with implementing a tiered MTSS approach to address an area of need you identified from the school climate survey. Choose one topic or area that you feel needs to be addressed based off of the school climate survey. Briefly discuss why you feel this is an area of need. (5 points) Develop a tiered MTSS approach for the area of need you identified. (There should be an intervention at the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 level). (15 points) How will you implement these interventions? How will you determine who is selected to receive these interventions? How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your tiered interventions? For one of your tiered level interventions, include an evidence-based program or school counseling intervention. Briefly discuss the evidence-based program or intervention you have chosen and how you would implement the program/ intervention in your tiered MTSS approach. (10 points) Here is the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8I2dDX6SzcY&feature=youtu.be The two attachments will be attached.

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Evidence-based school counseling

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