Ethical Roles

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Read the PDF entitled “Fire Service Reputation Management White Paper” that was sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association. The White Paper specifically addresses the implications for leadership and the proper use of a code of ethics within several common ethical issues including:

  • Cheating
  • Firefighter Arson
  • Theft of Fire Department Funds
  • Misuse of Department Equipment and Facilities
  • Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse by Members
  • Harassment and Discrimination

Study the information provided under each ethical issue, identify what ethical roles and responsibilities supervisors, fire chiefs, and organizations have in preventing and responding to each specific issue; describe how these ethical roles would be applied to a situation; and compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities that each player in the scenario takes on.

On page six of the White Paper, the authors provide the following statement: “One step in that direction (to rebuild the fire service’s foundation of ethical behavior) is to establish a national Fire Service Code of Ethics as a guide for improved ethical decision-making. From the establishment of an agreed-upon Code of Ethics, fire service ethical behavior can become part of the training every firefighter receives, from the beginning of basic recruit training to courses at the National Fire Academy, and then expanding into fire science higher education programs for future leaders.”

In a separate section of your paper, provide an in-depth analysis and formulate recommendations on the development of a National Fire Service Code of Ethics and how training programs can contribute to the fire service’s foundation of ethical behavior.

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Ethical Roles

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