Ethical and Legal Considerations of the Developing Counselor

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As a future counselor, it is important to have a plan for continued professional growth as well as an understanding of the required counseling dispositions. Additionally, it is considered good practice for professional counselors to join a professional counseling organization. Research a professional organization that you might join, such as the American Counseling Association (ACA), your state’s counseling association, or another relevant professional organization.

Write a 1,200-1,750-word paper in the third person about the ethical and legal considerations of the developing counselor to include professional organizations and a plan for continued professional growth. Save this assignment for your e-portfolio that will be submitted later in the program. Include the following in your paper:

Ethical and Legal Viewpoint

Volunteerism: What standards do counselors need to uphold in a voluntary position or providing free/pro bono work?
Self-Disclosure: Should counselors disclose personal information to a client? If so, when and how is it appropriate?
Objectivity: Why is it important for counselors to remain objective with clients?
Self-Care: How can counselors prevent professional burnout?
Spirituality: How can counselors maintain spirituality in and out of practice?
Counseling Dispositions: A review of three counseling dispositions as well as an analysis in regard to personal strengths and challenges in regard to the selected dispositions.
Professional Organization Review

A professional organization overview that includes the following:

Membership benefits, available activities, and/or services to members.
Current issues addressed by the organization that is relevant to the counseling profession. Note: These items are usually listed on the association’s website, but you may research elsewhere for one or two current issues in the field. Examples of current issues could include lobbying efforts for particular populations or specialties in the field, proposed or changing laws/regulations, high-profile court cases involving ethical violations, or the like.
When writing the paper, consider the following level-one APA headings to help organize the content:

Ethical and Legal Viewpoint
Professional Organization Review
A comprehensive reference page that lists the sources used should be included at the end of the document. The paper should be written in the third person

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Ethical and Legal Considerations of the Developing Counselor

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