ECON5003 Development Policy Assessment Criteria

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Degree exam

  1. Answers the question/problem or topic set
    [Everything written is relevant to the question; each fact, concept, argument and piece
    of evidence contributes and makes a difference to the answer]
  2. Makes a convincing argument supported by appropriate evidence
    [Builds a case; goes beyond a list of facts; facts and evidence support the case being
    made; demonstrates evidence of interpretation and evaluation; argues for a position,
    rather than merely asserting an opinion; anticipates and responds to possible counterarguments; reaches concluding remarks where applicable and assesses the strength of
  3. Demonstrates and applies relevant subject specific knowledge/understanding
    [Answer demonstrates understanding and application of disciplinary concepts, ideas,
    procedures, illustrates application of concepts and ideas]
  4. Has an appropriate structure
    [Has a logical sequence, ideas relate to each other and to topic, provides signposts for
    the reader (e.g. ‘there are three main reasons for this’, ‘taking a different perspective…’,
    ‘a possible counter-argument might be….’), conclusions drawn logically follow from the
    arguments and evidence presented]
  5. Follows the appropriate academic and stylistic conventions (Harvard) with regard to
    formatting, citations and references
    [Sources used are correctly cited in the text; document is formatted according to
    In the text, use the following referencing conventions:
    • Smith (1999) argues that…. or
    • It has been argued that……. (Smith, 1999).
    • If you use a direct quote, use quotation marks and cite the page number as well as
    the author and date, i.e. (Smith, 1999, p. 4).
    • If you have two items by the same author in the same year, refer to one as ‘a’ and
    the other as ‘b’, i.e. Smith (1999a) and Smith (1999b).
    For more information, please refer to the University Library webpage.

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ECON5003 Development Policy Assessment Criteria

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