Discussion 4

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Discussion Overview

Review the discussion requirements.

Now that you have worked with some actual data, you will use data to create and analyze a visual display commonly known as a scatter plot using Excel. You may choose one of the data sets listed below to create a scatter plot to analyze, or use a data set that you found in Unit 2. If you choose one of the data sets listed below, try to choose one not used by your classmates. If you create your own data set, make sure the data is quantitative and contains two variables. Please share in great detail what you chose as your variables, your quantitative data, and where you found the data. Data sets that you create should contain a minimum of 10 data pairs.

Datasets may be chosen from:

  • Section 2.4 – exercise questions 5–14
  • Review exercises (at end of Chapter 2) – questions 27–28
  • Section 10.1 – exercise questions 11–27
    • [You do not need to read this section, you are just using one of the data sets to create a scatterplot, if you so choose.]

PLEASE NOTE: You are not following the directions for any of these sections, you are just using the data sets. Use the instructions below to create and analyze your scatter plot.

For your first post, you will create a scatter plot using one of the data sets listed above, or your own data set. For instructions on creating your scatter plot, see the Excel Step-by-Step instructions on pages 104–105 of your textbook.

Post 1: Initial Response

After creating your scatter plot, attach your Excel spreadsheet or take a snippet of your scatterplot to post with your responses to the following questions:

  • Which variable is the independent variable?
  • Which variable is the dependent variable?
  • Does your scatterplot appear to have a positive linear, negative linear, nonlinear, or no relationship? How do you know?

Post 2: Reply to a Classmate

  • Do you agree or disagree with their identification of the independent and dependent variables on your classmate’s scatterplot? Explain.
  • As you look at your classmate’s scatter plot, do you agree with the relationship they identified? Explain.

Post 3: Reply to Another Classmate

  • Choose a post you have not already responded to; do you agree or disagree with their identification of the independent and dependent variables? Explain.
  • How would you describe the relationship between the two variables that your classmate used in their scatterplot? Example: As the number of accidents increased, the number of injuries increased.

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Discussion 4

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