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Learning Outcomes Addressed

1. Formulate and develop a digital analytic strategy.

2. Test, select and evaluate digital analytic concepts.

3. Critically evaluate digital analytics reports.

4. Critically examine, formulate and evaluate a business response to the information obtained from digital analytics and other business intelligence sources.

5. Understand how digital analytics can be deployed to test and measure online innovation.


This coursework is worth 100% of the total marks available for this module. This is an individual piece of work. The word limit for the whole report is 3500 words.

Part one: 50%. Practical social media experiments on the business ideas or products/services of the specified e-commerce Web site, related to, with a word limit of 1500 words on Web analytics and the use of Facebook Insights, SocialBlade

The use of social media is becoming an important communication channel for many organizations. Most social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) have the functions to capture basic web analytics data.

This coursework will be making use of the popular social networking Website,, and its mechanism for communication (i.e. Facebook pages and posts). In order to complete this coursework, you will need to have a Facebook account, focus on the business ideas or products/services of the specified e-commerce Web site, related to, develop relevant page and start Facebook posts. Once you have created Facebook pages and posts, and have attracted an acceptable number of likes, you will be able to access and view Facebook user analytics system, called Facebook Insights. It is the data generated by Facebook Insights you will be discussing and analysing in your coursework reports.

Your task is to attract and encourage people to “LIKE” your Facebook page, you then need to conduct a series of experiments (i.e. Design and create pages, change Web pages or page elements, make posts, etc.) to see how viewers/audience react. You will therefore need to focus on an experiment area, choose or develop a method or approach for these experiments and determine what your experiments are to discover (please ensure the testing is something that can be justified in a business context). You then need to write a report on your experiments. The report should provide details about what you were testing for, the aims or objectives of your experiments, the method or approach you used for doing your experiments, the experimental procedure, data gathering or collection process, findings of your experiments, and analysis of the data collected, and conclusions and recommendations. Furthermore, we would like you to analyse whether

Facebook Insights gathers and provides the right kind of information to enable organizations to make good management decisions.

In addition to this, social media data about the specified e-commerce Web site, products or services, should be analysed using SocialBlade.

For part one of your report, you must cover the following key elements:

⚫ Selection and analysis of an experiment area focusing on the business ideas or products/services of the specified e-commerce Web site, related to

⚫ The method and procedure for conducting the experiments

⚫ Data gathering and analysis using Facebook Insights, SocialBlade

⚫ Reflection upon the use of Facebook, Facebook Insights, SocialBlade

⚫ References (Harvard style)

This part of your report should be approximately 1,500 words in length (excluding references, illustrations such as diagrams, charts and pictures, and appendices) and should cover the above-mentioned key elements, typical screenshots of your posts, Web pages, and the key analytics or data.

Part two: 50%. Case study based work with a word limit of 2000 words, analysing Web analytics & business intelligence in action, using and recommending associated frameworks and software tools, such as SimilarWeb, Google Analytics, SAS analytics, for the specified Web site,,and the associated organization.

You have been asked to review and propose a course of action for the specified e-commerce Web site,, as an independent web analytics consultant.

Your review should include an overview of the site, stating where and what Web analytics paradigms, frameworks, models, techniques and tools you could use. Indicating the rationale for this and how it could be used to understand visitors’ behaviour, clickstream, and how to improve the Website’s success, performance and business decision making.

You should also include in your overview, a discussion about how the Web site and associated organisation’s business intelligence can be linked to its web analytics data, providing a case for this based on relevant theories, frameworks and/or architecture.

For part two of your report, the following key elements must be covered:

⚫ Analysis of the specified Web site,, by applying relevant frameworks or models, and using software tools such as SimilarWeb, etc.

⚫ Discussion and analysis about the combined use of business intelligence and Web analytics for the specified Web site

⚫ Proposing and justifying the appropriate use of relevant paradigms, frameworks, models, and Web analytics tools in order to understand the visitors’ behaviour, clickstream, improve the Web site usage and business performance, and support decision making for the specified Web site

⚫ References

Part two of your report should be approximately 2,000 words in length (excluding references, illustrations such as diagrams, charts and pictures, and appendices).

Your whole report should be presented in a format including title page, executive summary, content page, part one and part two of your report, conclusions, acknowledgments if applicable, references, and appendices.


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