DeVry University Company Credit Cards Case Discussion Questions

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1. Review the multitude of types of audit programs. Find a work program associated with this week’s fraud topics, and describe the control, objective, and one or two steps. 

2. Class….. Great topic this week to get us started. 

Once an employee manages to obtain a company card, by whatever means, their only consideration is avoiding detection, since unlike invoicing schemes, prior approval for purchases is not required. Methods of concealment might include destroying the credit card or purchasing card statements or creating fraudulent copies on which the personal purchases are excluded.

QUESTION 1: Explain how separation of duties contributes to the prevention and detection of billing schemes.

QUESTION 2: Karen Martinis was responsible for opening mail, processing vendor claims, and authorizing payments. She was involved in a scheme in which she either double-paid vendor invoices, paid the wrong vendors, or ­overpaid the right vendors. What type of billing scheme is being described in this case? 

3. Monday – Kick off – Topic 1: Company Credit Cards

Preventing and Detecting Personal Purchases on Company Credit Cards or Purchasing Cards– Procedures to prevent and detect credit or purchasing card fraud include:

  1. conducting thorough reviews of each card statement
  2. verifying the business purpose for each expenditure
  3. requiring original document support for each expense
  4. establishing spending limits for credit card users
  5. comparing statements with employee expense vouchers for duplications
  6. monitoring expenses for unexplained increases in spending

QUESTION 1: In the case study of Cheryl Brown, the administrative assistant at a Southeastern medical school, what type of billing scheme did she commit?

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DeVry University Company Credit Cards Case Discussion Questions

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