Description: Compete data analysis

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Learning Objectives:
Objective 1: Be able to enter data from a survey into SPSS in preparation for data analysis
Objective 2: Be able to complete simple analysis to explore outcomes from a survey

If you have not done so, make sure you get 10 volunteers complete your survey. Remember to add the introduction page to the survey. Once collected. Take the time to number each survey (this is your ID#) from 1 through 10 (1-10) or you can start from any number count (10-20, etc.).

Watch YouTube Videos 3 to assist with the input of the responses from your surveys into SPSS! You are using your coding from your codebook to help with putting the information into SPSS. Please do these steps in order. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS! I have also taken screenshots of what it will look like in SPSS.

Video #3:
Upload to blackboard a picture or the SPSS data page showing me your database with the all ten of your respondents in SPSS. (16 points) — DO NOT UPLOAD THE ACTUAL SURVEYS!

The next stage is to run descriptive analysis to see the percentages of people in the study etc. Again this is just a quick practice, so do your best.
Watch Video #4 to help with running frequencies (#of people who were males, females, how each males/females answered questions, etc.
Complete descriptive analysis (frequencies) so you can report on the following: The video will guide you as to how you can answer the following:
How many volunteers were males? Females?

Report of the age of participants
Report on their education levels
Report on their ethnicity
Number of people reported comfort with their doctor
The following is for Week 14 (next week). If you are comfortable, you may move ahead and complete the other analysis using chisquare.

For Week 14
Doing a Chi-Square analysis, report on whether there is a relationship with one or two of the above variables (gender, age, education, or ethnicity) and at least two other variables (questions asked on the survey). Example, I may be interested in knowing whether women were more comfortable with their physicians versus men. I would need to run a Chi Square analysis comparing gender and question #2. I may also compare #2 with ethnicity as well. An important question as well would be to see what relationship does gender and/or ethnicity has on office visit duration.

Upload Due Week next week:
The data analysis output from SPSS showing all your tables with descriptive and Chi-square analysis (BETTER to take PICTURE or cut and paste into Word document)
Write a “brief” summary of (1-2 pages maximum) of your overall impression of your findings.
POINTS 14 points (this includes 10 Bonus points)

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Description: Compete data analysis

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