Decision Making & Problem Solving In Nursing Career

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Question (1)

Conceptualize an Innovation to improve nursing practice in your area of nursing administration. Describe the innovation, support why this is important, and explain the plan you would develop to promote the adoption and implementation of the innovation into your specialty practice setting. Clearly identify the individuals or groups that would be involved and how you would engage these individuals or groups to support the innovation.

Question (2)

You are appointed as the new Nursing Director of King Saud University Medical City. As a nurse administrator, you have to work in a variety of health care environments. In particular, your first problem to face is absence of Decision Support System . As the Nursing Director, how would you manage such issue ?

Question (3)

It has been presented in several research studies and felt by most health care organizations that the shortage of nurses has always been a national issue. Following the steps of Problem Solving, discuss how are you going to approach this chronic problem in Saudi Arabia.

Note you Must mention all steps

  • define the problem
  • determine the root causes of the problem
  • develop alternative solution
  • select a solution
  • implement the solution
  • evaluate the solution

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Decision Making & Problem Solving In Nursing Career

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