Present the best poem & why using literary devices

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Once you have surveyed some of the poetry available online, your task is to choose what you consider to be “the best poem in the world.” As you read, think about the poetic elements we have examined throughout this unit. The poem you choose should have clear examples of as many of these devices as you can find, but do not expect that you will be able to find a poem with all of them! There are two parts to this assignment. First, submit the poem and write a brief (150 word) introduction for your peers.

Second, you will be required to write an analysis (two pages in length) of the poem in which you discuss the poetic devices found in the piece and demonstrate how these devices work together to create an overall effect. Submit this analysis to your teacher. Remember: it is not a poetic treasure hunt in which you simply say, “Here’s a simile! There’s an example of onomatopoeia!” You have to demonstrate how the poet uses these devices in his or her poem.

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Present the best poem & why using literary devices

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