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The term assignment requires you to read and comment on the following academic journal article:

Zinger, Ivan. (2016) Human Rights and Federal Corrections: A Commentary on a Decade of Tough on Crime Policies in Canada. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Vol. 58, No. 4, Oct. 609-627.

The URL below will take you to the University of Toronto journal database where you will be able to locate and download the PDF containing Zinger’s article. (You may have to copy and paste the URL into your Internet Browser.)

It is highly recommended that you print this articles for your personal use.


  1. Your first task is to provide a succinct summary of the article in your own (No more than two pages in length.)
  1. Do you agree or disagree with the substance of Zinger’s discussion? In other words, what is your ‘informed opinion’ regarding the appropriate correctional policies and practices for Canada. What do you agree with in the article? Explain why. What do you disagree with? Explain why. Note: you are entitled to provide your opinion on Canadian criminal justice policies so long as your views are informed opinions. Informed opinions are logical, rational, consistent, free of contradiction and based on the best available
  1. In order to provide an informed analysis of these articles, you will need to do research according to criteria spelled out in the Student Success Checklist, attached to this assignment Of course, a good starting point would be your course textbook. What does it, if anything, have to say on the type of issues raised in the article. In order to provide an acceptable University-level analysis of the article, you will need to have a detailed knowledge of your textbook and have made a concerted effort to consult bona fide academic sources such as articles published in peer- reviewed journals available through College library data bases.
  1. Caution: Wikipedia and similar websites are not regarded as legitimate academic


Completed Paper 20%

Your completed paper will constitute a researched analysis of the factors and/or theoretical issues you identify as relevant

There is room for considerable creativity and scope in how your discussion is crafted. It is expected that your paper will incorporate ideas uncovered in the course of your research. Thus, you are expected to consult academic sources in compliance with the attached set of requirements on the distributed Student Success Checklist.

Lastly, be sure to proof read for spelling, typing, and grammatical errors. Graded outline and

Checklist are to be attached to the research paper when submitted.

Failure to resubmit the original, marked outline with the completed term assignment will result in a grade of F for the term assignment.



BEFORE submitting your assignment, check off the following to ensure that you have complied with college-­‐level performance standards.

The topic is selected from the Assignment Handout or otherwise approved by the Instructor.

At least 6 sources are used to research the topic (unless otherwise exempted).

At least 2 of the cited sources are recent peer-reviewed journal publications (since 2000)

A.P.A. citation style has been used.

The Reference Page contains only works cited in the paper.

All quotes over 3 lines in length are single-­‐spaced and indented with 1/2 inch margins.

Footnotes (or endnotes) are used only to elaborate a point, not to cite sources.

All pages are numbered, 1 inch margins are used, and text is double-­‐spaced. Times New Roman 12-point font is required.

Contractions (e.g. can’t, don’t, haven’t, wouldn’t etc.) have been avoided. The difference between “there” and “their” and between “its” and “it’s” is clear. The correct use of plural and possessive form is evident (e.g. Plural: “2 youths” – more than one. Possessive: “youth’s – belonging to, as in “the youth’s coat” or “the youth’s trial”)

The submission has been proofread for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.

A back-up copy of the submission exists.

The work (or portions of it) has not been submitted for any other course assignment and is entirely of one’s own authorship.

A cover page containing title, course number, course instructor’s name, student name and student number has been provided.


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