Clinical Field Experience Activities

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   Public School Field Hours  Purpose/Example of Activities  Purpose/Examples of Activities in Diverse/Alternate Settings
S/ED 607 Graduate Practicum/ Seminar40 as reflected through portfolio Portfolio Collaboration activites   *Observe in your 8-12 content area (language arts, science, mathematics, social studies co-teaching collaborative classrooms.  Classroom should include diverse learners in two of the following areas: learners with disabilities, ESL learners, gifted/talented. Write a reflection   Ø  Observe for accommodations provided for linguistically and culturally diverse learners. Ø  Observe for accommodations provided for the gifted/talented learners.  Ø  Observe for the integration of technology into lessons observed. Ø  Observe for the use of formative assessments. as reflected in lesson plans for portfolio Ø  Observe for questioning techniques used by the content teachers          *Field hours include observations tutoring, assisting and instructing experiences with families and PLCs. Portfolio Collaboration Log (10 hours) *Attend one school board meeting   *Attend one site-based council meeting   *Interview three (3) from the following list and discuss their involvement/role in    providing educational services to children with disabilities and their families:   *related service provides such as speech language pathologies, physical therapist, occupational therapist, * behavior specialist/consultant, *Family Resource Center or Youth Service Center director, *food service director, * transportation director.  Write a reflection.   *ARC meeting experiences: Ø  If teaching, discuss your first experience as a participant in an ARC meeting.  Reflect on your expectation prior to the meeting and those after the meeting. Ø  If not teaching, interview a regular education teacher, a special education teacher and the ARC chairperson.  Reflect on the differences in the roles and responsibilities of these three committee members in an ARC meeting.

Students will participate in 40 hours of field/clinical hours . Students will observe diverse students including those with disabilities and English Second Language students in co-teaching/collaborative settings..  If candidates are Option 6 and teaching in their area of certification, clinical hours required will only be those tied to a specific course assessment in the portfolio. If you are a traditional student you will work with a teacher in your content area to complete assignments for the portfolio. A written reflection of the observations and assignments  will be submitted; minimum of 2 pages.  Grading will be based on depth and clarity.  Use a pseudonym (mock) for real names when you write about learners and teachers to keep confidentially.   

Evaluation and Grading Scale

Scoring Rubric
OriginalityPresentation shows considerable originality and inventiveness. The content and ideas are presented in a unique and interesting way.Presentation shows some originality and inventiveness.  The content and ideas are presented in an interesting way.Presentation shows an attempt at originality and inventiveness on a few slides.Presentation is a rehash of other people’s ideas and/or graphics and shows very little attempt at original thought.
EffectivenessProject includes all material needed to gain a comfortable understanding of the topic.  It is a highly effective study guide.Project includes most material needed to gain a comfortable understanding of the material but is lacking one or two key elements.  It is an adequate study guide.Project is missing more than two key elements.  It would make an incomplete study guide.Project is lacking several key elements and has inaccuracies that make it a poor study guide.
Sequencing of informationInformation is organized in a clear, logical way.  It is easy to anticipate the type of material that might be on the next side.Most information is organized in a clear, logical way.  One card or item of information seems out of place.Some information is logically sequenced.  There are sections where information is not clear and concise.There is no clear plan for the organization of information.
 Content – accuracyAll content throughout the presentation is accurate.  There are no factual errorsMost of the content s accurate but there is one piece of information that might be inaccurate.The content is generally accurate, but some pieces of information are clearly flawed or inaccurate.Content is typically confusing or contains more than one factual error.
Use of graphicsAll graphics are attractive and support the topic of the presentation. Minimum one image per slide.A few graphics are not attractive but all support the content of the presentation  All graphics are attractive but a few do not seem to support the content of the presentation. Some slides are missing images.Several graphics are unattractive and detract from the content of the presentation.
Every slide contained a slide transitionSlide transitions were not used for 1-2 slidesSlide transitions were not used for more than 2 slidesSlide transitions were not used.
OrganizationContent is well organized using headings or bulleted lists to group related material.Uses headings or bulleted lists are organized, but the overall organization topic appears flawed.Content is logically organized for the most part.There was no clear or logical organizational structure, just lots of facts.
CitationsSources of information are properly cited so that the audience can determine the credibility and authority of the information presented.Most sources of information use proper citation and sources are documented to make it possible to check on the accuracy of information.Sometimes copyright guidelines are followed and some information, photos and graphics do not use proper citations.No copyright guidelines are followed and some information, photos and graphics do not use proper citations.
Spelling and GrammarPresentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.Presentation has 1-2 misspellings, but no grammatical error.Presentation has 1-2 grammatical errors, but not misspellings.Presentation has more than 2 grammatical and/or spelling errors.
Ineffective(1)77Developing (2) 86Accomplished (3) 93100 (4) Exemplary
The assignment does not follow directions  required for the assignment or is completely wrong. Grammatical errors interfere with the meaning of the writing. There is no organization. Content required foe the assignment is missing.1-2 of the directions for the assignment are followed. The assignment does not meet length requirement and may contain 3-4 grammatical errors. The content required for the assignment is addressed.3-4 directions are followed. Assignment meets length requirements. Assignment is well organized but may have 1-2 errors in grammar. The content required for the assignment is addressed.All directions are followed for the assignment. Assignment meets length requirement. Assignment is well organized and does not contain any grammatical errors. All content required for assignment is addressed.

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Clinical Field Experience Activities

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