Case study Analysis – Nurse Theorist #1

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Read through the case study  *** Answer the multiple choice questions, then write a one paragraph narrative by utilizing theoretical concepts  from the reading and concepts specific to your theory that help describe the  problem.  Uncover possible solutions within the framework of your selected nursing theory.  Respond to the theoretical suggestions of ONE of your  colleagues.

Case Study: Reading from  Butts and Rich Chapter 1

Martin was a critical care nurse for 13 years. Praised for his technical skills and adherence to policies and procedures, Martin’s performance evaluations were nearly perfect, at least in what he considered important. Martin’s most recent performance evaluation, as expected, had the highest points possible for technical skills; however, in areas of patient and family interactions, Martin’s scores were quite low.  In surveys returned from patients and caregivers following discharge, it was revealed that his patient interactions were “cold and impersonal.” One patient described her experience with Martin this way: “It seemed like Martin knew his job, but when he left the room, I always felt like the diabetic that had a stroke in room 6 instead of a person. He kept yelling at my husband about bringing things to me from home.” When asked by his supervisor what he thought of the comments, Martin was very frustrated. “I know who wrote that comment. I remember her and her husband. He would bring her cookies and I had to tell him to stop. Is it my problem that she didn’t listen to any of her doctors or nurses and let her diabetes get so out of control that she ended up having a stroke? It’s simple science—diabetics should not eat cookies if they want to avoid disease complications!”


  1. An appropriate response from the supervisor would include which of the following?
    1. You should probably be more careful with the words you choose when talking to the patient and family.
    1. Some patients have a hard time adhering to diabetic nutrition guidelines. Next time, you should request a referral to a nutritionist when the family brings in cookies.
    1. Although the patient admitted is your primary concern, remember that family members, especially spouses, can have a high influence over the patient’s recovery.
    1. As a nurse, you need to view science as a nurse, as a care provider, and from the perspective of the patient, family, and society.

 Based on Martin’s comments and in consideration of his reported strengths in technical skills and compliance with policies and procedures, which of the following philosophies of science is he exhibiting?

    • Post-structuralism
    • Logical positivism
    • Phenomelogism
    • Hermeneulism

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Case study Analysis – Nurse Theorist #1

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