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This week, you will submit your complete Final Project.

First, complete the tasks for this week:

Review the Final Project Description as needed.

  • Read the Final Project Resources listed in the weekly Learning Resources area. 
  • The readings and assignments about social networking and technology lend themselves to the following sections:
    • Technology/computer skills
    • Social networking skills
  • To assist you with the social networking section of the Final Project:
    • Review the sample map of a personal network in the Learning Resources.
    • Map your own personal and professional social networks and communities. Be sure to include your new Walden connections. 
    • Think about the people and resources in your personal network. Where is your network strong? Where can it be increased or strengthened? How might you accomplish this?

Then, to complete the Final Project Assignment, write an essay that is at least 1,000 words in length based on the information you have compiled in Personal Skills Inventory Chart. Address all of the following requirements:

  • First, write a section in which you analyze your face-to-face and online communication skills.
  • Next, identify from the following list two additional skills that you wish to improve:
    • Writing skills
    • Academic integrity skills
    • Social networking skills
    • Time management skills
    • Library skills
    • Technology/computer skills
  • For each skill, including communication skills:
    • Explain why the skill is important to you for personal and academic settings.
    • Identify which upcoming courses in your degree program will best help you improve the skill.
    • Identify one or two Walden services you will use to help you improve the skill.
    • Identify at least one person in your personal network who will help you improve the skill.
  • Write your essay with academic integrity.
  • Demonstrate the academic communication skills you have learned in this course, such as citing sources and attempting to do so in proper APA style.

As you write your Application, use the Final Project Rubric. A rubric is a guideline for evaluating your work. This rubric (the same one found under Course Information in the left navigation bar) is in the form of a checklist. Your Instructor will also use this rubric to grade your Application. If you want to earn the most points on this Application, be sure to address all aspects of the rubric.

Submit your Final Project by Day 7.

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