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Demonstrate your knowledge of Organizational Behaviour concepts, and practice analytical skills you will be able to apply to real contexts you find yourself in.


  • Your proposal will be 1500 words in length, Single Spaced, with 1” margins.
  • The paper should be organized into three sections: Background, Analysis, and Recommendations. The background section should be no more than 200 words. The Analysis and Recommendations sections should be about equal in length, at approximately 650 words each.
  • If you choose one of the organizations from the list provided (see instructions below), you will need to provide references for the information contained in your analysis section. The references should be balanced: about half of your references should be from academic sources, and half from industry/media sources. (See “Research Help” below). The number of sources you use will depend on the points you are trying to support in your argument. To write in a clear and convincing fashion you must support each of your points with quality sources. Finally, you should use specific (not general) examples to demonstrate your ability to apply your learning to real life situations.
  • Be sure to use APA format for references. Your paper should have a clear structure (you may use headings) and be error free. Papers outside this guideline may suffer a penalty. As portions of this assignment are reflective in nature, there will be opportunities to use the first-person writing style to enhance the impact of the paper.

APA Format Guide. https://library.carleton.ca/help/apa-citation-style


  1. Choose an organization that you have worked for or choose one that you like or that interests you from the list of companies that will be provided to you by your Course Leaders. If you choose a company not on the list, you will need to clear it with your Course Leaders to ensure that you have enough material to work with.
  2. Choose two theories you have studied in BUSI 2101, which you will apply to the organization you have chosen. (Note: do not confuse a general topic such as Motivation with a specific theory such as Expectancy Theory).
  3. Analyze areas in which the organization is doing poorly and areas in which it is doing well with regard to the theories you have chosen in step #2. This may include the following:
    1. Workplace interactions you observed (if you have chosen an organization you have worked for)
    1. Organization policies
    1. An organizational crisis and how it was handled
    1. Any other aspect of the organization or its functioning that are relevant to the theories you have chosen.
  4. Make recommendations grounded in the theories you have chosen that you think would improve the organization’s effectiveness.

List of pre-approved organizations:

  • United Airlines
    • Carleton
    • Disney
    • Michelin Tire Corporation
    • Senators
    • Starbucks
    • Google
    • Shopify
    • 3M
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
    • IBM
    • Air Canada
    • SNC Lavalin
    • NFL
    • McDonalds
    • Victoria’s Secret
    • Volkswagen
    • Canadian Armed Forces
    • Nike
    • Nestle
    • Tesla
    • H&M
    • American Apparel
    • GAP


Papers will be marked on the following criteria (Total = 75 pts):

  1. Attention to purpose of the assignment (5 pts). This means addressing the purpose, aims and themes of the assignment comprehensively, with enthusiasm and imagination.
  2. Clarity of expression (10pts). This includes flow and integration of material, overall organization of ideas, grammar. You must follow the format instructions, with clear.
  3. Research Quality (10pts). You utilize course material, industry sources, and quality academic sources to support your analysis. You make clear links between your references and your analysis.
  4. Analysis of Organization (25pts). You demonstrate a sophisticated grasp of OB theory and can apply it to the organization you have chosen in a logical and comprehensive way.
  5. Recommendations (25pts). You make solid recommendations grounded in your two chosen OB theories, using specific examples. Your recommendations are realistic, convincing, and well-formulated.


You can get help with your OB research needs in a variety of ways. Links to more information available at https://library.carleton.ca/services/research-help

1.       Get Help from a Person: Contact library staff in person or online at the following service points:

§  Research Help Desk: Find journal articles or specialized resources such as maps, data, GIS, and government information. Research Support Services staff will help you with your research needs. You can visit them in person at the Research Help Desk or online.

Sample of Academic Journals Relevant to Organizational BehaviorSample of Industry/Media Sources Relevant to Organizational Behavior
Academy of Management Review Academy of Management Journal Journal of Management Research in Organizational Behaviour Personnel Psychology Academy of Management AnnalsJournal of Management Studies Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes Organization Studies Journal of Organizational Behaviour Human Relations Journal of Human Resources Journal of Vocational Behaviour International OrganizationThe Economist Bloomberg Businessweek Fortune Business World Inc. Canadian Business Harvard Business Review Wired Entrepreneur Consumer reportsFast Company Success The New York Times The Globe and Mail National Post Ottawa Citizen CBC.ca Toronto Star Le Journal de Montreal ADWeek

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