BPS Reactions to Disasters

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In review of our course materials this week, we are introduced to several excellent theories aiding our understanding in the survivors’ experience in coping after disaster events. The complex nature of disasters results in reactions manifested in many ways including psychological, biological, and social. The architect of modern-day positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, speaks to the foundational basis of the psychological approach in his Ted TalkThe New Era of Positive Psychology. In considering the insights Dr. Seligman applies to the field of psychology, we may find useful applications to addressing concerns unique to disaster psychology.

After reviewing the course materials for the week including the Ted Talk and the Scenario Module 2, choose to answer questions from either the Health & Social Services section or the Public Information and Warning section.  Once you have chosen a section, you must respond to at LEAST three questions in your main post response.  Be sure to clearly identify which questions you are answering in your main post.  At LEAST two of your peer responses must be to someone who chose a different set of questions than you did for your main post.  Any additional peer responses can be to either someone who chose the same question set or a different question set than you did for your main post.  

Health & Social Services

1. What is Phase 2 of disaster psychology, and how would it apply to the current situation that is occurring in Bobsville and Disaster County?

2. What types of traumatic stressors might the citizens and 911 operators encounter because of the current situation? What special considerations might come up relevant to dispatchers and other first responders?

3. What actions could be used from Psychological First Aid to support the 911 dispatchers? Why?

4. What are the strengths of Psychological First Aid for this event?

Public Information and Warning & Infrastructure Systems

6. Name at least 3 different entities that would be responsible for providing equal access to effective communication to deliver credible, actionable, culturally, and linguistically appropriate, and accessible messages to the citizens of Bobsville and Disaster County?  What are examples of the types of messages each on of them might relay?

7. Why should the mental health community be involved in developing actionable messaging for the public and responders?

8. How could emergency management utilize and support the mental health community in identifying impacts to the citizens with the loss of critical infrastructure systems, including housing, stores, financial facilities, roadways, etc.?


Seligman, M. (2004). Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/martin_seligman_on_the_state_of_psychology

Transcript Scenario Module 2

May 1, 2021, 7:30 am. It is a chilly and clear Wednesday morning. The wind is from the northeast, moving towards the southwest at one (1) mile per hour.

In Bobsville, Oklahoma, located in Carol County, traffic is experiencing delays on the interstate as commuters drive to their work destinations. Many vehicles are backed up on the interstate, causing commuters to be late for work and school.

Near I-58 and Oklahoma State Route 323 in the vicinity of the Nuclear Power Plant, law enforcement has established a checkpoint as a result of the DHS and E-ISAC alerts received the day before. The checkpoint is the source of the traffic delays that are occurring in Carol County and Bobsville.

In Bobsville, without warning, a bright flash comes from the direction of the interstate followed by a loud explosion. The resulting fireball and mushroom cloud are visible for many miles. Many windows in the north end of town near the highway are blown out and violently hurl shattered glass. For this scenario, Bobsville is three (3) miles from the location of the explosion.

Morning commuter traffic in Bobsville and Carol County is interrupted, and a large number of accidents occur as car windows are blown out and drivers looking directly at the blast are temporarily blinded.

The explosion has brought many people out of their homes and businesses, and they can see that something is burning as there is smoke billowing in the sky.

  • Fire and Law Enforcement

Fire and Law Enforcement agencies start to receive notifications of the explosion and are dispatched to the scene.

  • First Responders

First responders experience difficulties with their two-way communication devices as the explosion has impacted the public safety communication towers. 

  • Communications

Cell phone, television and radio communications have also been interrupted and are working sporadically or not working at all.

Key Issues

  • Some sort of a blast has occurred in Disaster County, Oklahoma.
  • First responders have been dispatched to the incident scene; however, they are unaware of what type of blast has occurred.
  • Communications systems have been interrupted and have some level of degradation, or they are not working.
  • Emergency Management is attempting to communicate with first responders to get updated accurate information to implement/provide appropriate or additional protective action measures.

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BPS Reactions to Disasters

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