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Many people, athletes included, use ergogenic aids or supplements. Go to
the following website, British Journal of Sports Medicine and read the IOC’s
latest on supplements. If you cannot access the article from the web, a PDF
version is attached to this discussion.
This week, we will discuss ergogenic aids and/or supplements. From the list
below, select one ergogenic aid/supplement. You must pick one of the
ergogenic aids listed below. Do not use an ergogenic aid/supplement
someone else has chosen. Once you have found an ergogenic
aid/supplement, go to the Week 6 discussion and see if anyone has posted
that ergogenic aid/supplement. If the ergogenic aid/supplement is not
present, then open a new thread and type the ergogenic aid/supplement in
the thread’s title box. This task will reserve that ergogenic aid/supplement
for you. You can add the required initial discussion information any time
before the expected due date. To add your discussion after posting your
supplement title, select edit thread.
Now go to the APUS online library and find one published, peer-reviewed
research article in a journal on that particular ergogenic aid. Do not use
Muscle Magazine or a similar magazine because these are for the lay public
and are not peer-reviewed. The journal article you select should be a
research study that shows how your selected ergogenic aid/supplement
affects athletic performance, positively or negatively.
A research article is not a review article. A research article reports the
results of a research study. You can tell the difference between a research
article and a review article because a review article summarizes several
research studies.
Looking for a peer-reviewed research article?
If you cannot find a research article in the APUS online library, go to the
following website: PubMed . In the
search bar at the top, enter the ergogenic aid you selected.
Your initial discussion thread should contain the following information:

  1. State the ergogenic aid in the subject line.
  2. State your selected ergogenic aid.
  3. Provide the reference for your selected article using the format shown
  4. Describe how your particular ergogenic aid enhances athletic
  5. Describe the study methods, design, and results so the class can
    understand the conclusions.
  6. State the study conclusions.
  7. Evaluate the article. For example, does the study make appropriate
    conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address
    the hypothesis?
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