BEHS 380 Research Project

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Your paper should be at least 1,200 words and no more than 1,300 words and include all of the 5 sets of sources listed below.

Based on your Research Proposal, this project will represent the culmination of your study of the End of Life Issues in this course, and will enable you to explore a specific topic of interest from the perspective of one of the social or behavioral sciences. Your paper should include the various sources that you collected in your proposal. All sources should convey information that is integrated into your paper:

1. A source regarding your discipline of choice
2. At least one resource from our course
3. At least two scholarly sources
4. At least one organizational source
5. (optional) Any additional sources that you would like to include that are relevant to your topic.

Please be sure to see the feedback on your proposal to help you successfully complete this project, and feel free to contact me with any questions as you are working on it.

Your paper should be a coherent essay that develops an argument related to your topic of research. It should NOT be a list of concepts and sources related to the topic.

Your paper should include:

1. Introduction

2. Body of the paper. The paper should provide relevant details and also convey how your paper is related to the social science discipline identified in your proposal.

3. Reflections. Include a paragraph about why this topic is significant and meaningful to you, as well as anything that you learned that you found especially interesting.

4. Conclusion

5. Reference List

Important: All sources should be cited within the paper, using APA style (7th Ed.). Refer to the APA Citations and Style module in the classroom for APA resources. Be sure to use an APA style title page, headings, and subheadings.

Please base the research project on the research project proposal attached. Can you clarify research questions and links based on the research project paper attached in a separate section (at the end of the paper)?

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BEHS 380 Research Project

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