Assignment 1: Individual Essay

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 Critically examine the role of leadership in organizational transformation, with a view to
proposing measures for success in any given organization.
 Make environmentally sound management/business decisions as a business owner or partner
 Exercise ethical management and business choices in the conduct of the affairs of the
Assignment Description and Instructions:
The purpose of this assignment is to assess ethical implications in organizational leadership.
Read the case below, view the video on ‘Ethical Leadership’ and read the article on ‘Developing
a Framework for Ethical Leadership’ before answering the questions.
James Bernard became the acting Principal of a secondary school in Trinidad on the retirement
of Principal Janice Maharaj. James was a former student of this school and was appointed to
teach Physics at his alma mater over 30 year ago. During that period he was promoted to the
position of Dean where he was involved in participatory leadership decision making. James was
also a builder in home construction and was granted a number of contracts by the principal to
refurbish certain areas of the school. Using his initiative, James would also paint and refurbish
areas of the school for no pay. Upon Janice Maharaj’s retirement, she left agreed contracts of
work by other companies with James who was expected to honour those contracts. However, on
his appointment as acting Principal, James did not proceed with these contracts. Instead, he
proceeded to refurbish other areas of the school and also repainted the external walls of the
school using his wife’s construction company. James indicated to concerned staff members that
the school supervisor did not have a problem with this once he followed the procedure of
obtaining three bids for contracted work, which he did. James retired as acting Principal two
years after his appointment to that position.
Video – McCombs School of Business, 2019. Ethical Leadership, Part 1: Perilous at the Top,
Concepts Unwrapped. Available at
Article – Lawton, A., & Páez, I. (2015). Developing a framework for ethical leadership. Journal
of Business Ethics, 130(3), 639-649. Available at
Using insights form the video, article and other readings (ensure that aspects of the video and
chosen articles are included in your response).

  1. Discuss five characteristics of ethical leadership with the use of relevant examples from
    ethical leaders.
  2. State and discuss three challenges of ethical leadership, and state three solutions to
    address each of the challenges discussed.
  3. Evaluate James Bernard’s ethical leadership as a dean and as a principal based on the
    criteria as highlighted in your course readings.
    Format for Discussion
     Introduction
     Analysis
    o Response to Question 1
    o Response to Question 2
    o Response to Question 3
     Conclusion
     Reference List
    Presentation and referencing:
     Your word limit is 1000
     Use Times New Roman Font, with a Font Size of 12 and Double Line Spacing
     The assignment must contain proper citations 10 sources minimum with at least 6
    scholarly peer reviewed journal sources and referencing using the APA Style, Version 7.
    Submission: The report will be submitted as a Microsoft Word file to the designated Turn-It-In
    Assignment Drop box.
    Rubric for Individual Essay
    Criteria Excellent 9-10 Good 7-8 Satisfactory 5-6 Poor 0-4
    Organization &
    Style (10)
    Information is
    presented in a
    logical, interesting
    way, which is easy
    to follow. Purpose
    is clearly stated and
    explains the
    structure of work
    Information is
    presented in a
    logical manner,
    which is easily
    followed. Purpose
    of work is clearly
    stated and assists in
    the structure of the
    Work is sometimes
    difficult to follow.
    Lacks continuity
    Purpose of work is
    stated, but does not
    assist in explaining
    the structure of
    Poor Sequencing
    and organization.
    Structure poorly
    executed. Purpose
    of work not given
    Content &
    Knowledge (30)
    (Mark x 3 for
    Excellent quality of
    analysis and
    evaluation –
    presents a strong
    essay. Very good
    depth and breadth of
    research, relevant to
    theory and course
    Good analysis and
    evaluation – essay
    well presented.
    Fairly good depth
    and breadth of
    research, relevant to
    theory and course
    Only basic concepts
    are addressed. Fair
    relevance to theory
    and course literature
    Very little grasp of
    information. Very
    little knowledge of
    subject matter. Very
    few questions are
    answered. Poor
    interpretation made
    Mechanics (Spelling
    & Grammar) (10)
    There are no errors
    in spelling or in
    grammar. Technical
    terms are clearly
    defined. Writing is
    clear, concise and
    There are only a
    few minor spellings
    and/or grammatical
    errors, and technical
    terms are not always
    clearly defined.
    Writing is mostly
    clear but somewhat
    lacks conciseness or
    There are a few
    minor spelling
    and/or grammatical
    errors and technical
    terms are not
    defined. Writing is
    not always clear and
    lacks conciseness or
    There are several
    spelling and or
    grammatical errors;
    technical terms are
    not defined or are
    poorly defined.
    Writing lacks
    clarity, conciseness
    and persuasiveness
    Citations and
    References (10)
    references used
    effectively and
    source requirement
    met. References
    produced during the
    last five years. APA
    style always
    correctly used
    references used
    effectively and
    source requirement
    somewhat met.
    Most references
    produced during the
    last five years. APA
    style almost always
    correctly used
    references mostly
    used effectively and
    source requirement
    met partially. Most
    references used over
    five years old. APA
    style correctly used
    in some instances
    No worthwhile
    academic references
    used and source
    requirement not
    met. APA style not
    correctly used
    Score Breakdown:
     The maximum points you will be awarded for this assessment item total 60 points.
     NB: Your final grade of 15% will be prorated based on the total number of points you are
     You will see this final grade listed against your name on the course page. For example, if
    you are awarded 20/60 points and this assessment item is weighted out of 15%, your final
    grade for this assessment item will be 5 % (20/60 x 15).

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