Article analysis (Whatever Topic of you choose focus on operations)

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The purpose of this discussion exercise is to provide you with a forum to discuss your newly discovered production and operations management concepts considering current issues and real business situations. This is a practice ground for ensuring that your reasoning and foundation of these concepts are secure.

This portion of the course requires you to interact with your fellow classmates and critique their submissions. Note that all these topics refer to the Operations function of a business, to manufacture a product or create a service. We all know that these topics may be used in other business functions, such as in marketing or finance, but for the discussions in this course, please focus on Operations examples and articles.

Resources *Refer to this sample format for an article analysis. Follow this format to ensure that you include both information about the situation within the article, as well as concepts from our readings that explain it.


1. Select one of these concepts. a. Global Supply Chain Sourcing Decisions b. Sourcing Products with “Green” Considerations c. Measuring Sourcing Performance d. The Bullwhip Effect in a Supply Chain e. Application of Facility Location Analysis in Operations f. Logistics Decisions: Transportation Modes

2. Then find a current event in an article from the resources below to illustrate that concept. * Industry Week ( * Wall Street Journal ( * Logistics World ( * Global Manufacturing(

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Article analysis (Whatever Topic of you choose focus on operations)

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