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This research should be documented in two ways: on a properly formatted (MLA) Works Cited page and through the inclusion of a minimum of ONE direct quote from each source properly cited (MLA) in the essay. TASK Pick a debatable issue that you already strongly support. The issue should have educated supporters on both sides.

For example, texting while driving would not be a debatable issue because no one would argue that someone should text while driving. Construct an outline with a thesis statement that clearly states your position and provide at least 3 supporting reasons.

Then compose a 5-paragraph essay that will persuade the reader to agree with your position. Refer to the argument essay section of Chapter 13 to see a good sample argument essay and outline.

Review the Plagiarism Video that you watched at the beginning of the semester. BE SURE to make this essay a product of your own unique thoughts since no outside sources are allowed.

You should be able to speak and write about this issue without having to research it. You will research the topic in the next writing assignment to incorporate supporting outside sources into your essay, but this essay should be from only your knowledge and experience.

A Good Strategy for Organizing Your Essay: Introduction Paragraph: A good way to show the reader you have carefully considered both sides of the issue is to address the opposing side at the beginning of your essay in the introduction following a question.

For example, if you were to write on the topic of whether Walmart is good for America, you could start your essay with that question:

Is Walmart good or bad for America?

If you are against Walmart, you could then follow up with some of the good effects of Walmart on America.

However, at the end of your introduction, you would shift to your REAL position with a thesis statement like this: However, for some convincing reasons, Walmart is actually a bad force in America.

Body Paragraphs:

Body Paragraph 1: Start with a strong topic sentence that gives your first supporting reason:

One reason supporting________________ is ________________. (Use emphatic order, saving the most convincing reason for last.)

Give supporting evidence in the form of indisputable facts, personal experience, or other credible evidence.

Body Paragraph 2: Begin with another strong topic sentence supporting your position: Another reason supporting _______________is___________________. Follow with credible evidence to support the reason.

Body Paragraph 3: Give your most important reason last: Most importantly, ________________________ supports _________________. Follow with credible evidence to support the reason.

Conclusion Paragraph: Restate your position on the issue clearly but in different words from your original thesis statement.

Then add two or three more sentences to bring the essay to a final-sounding close, maybe calling your reader to some sort of action as a result of reading your essay.

Remember: This essay should come from your knowledge and experience. Pick a topic about which you are already knowledgeable and passionate! Incorporate supporting evidence from AT LEAST two reliable, current sources found in a GALILEO search.

Cite these sources correctly both within the essay through in-text citations and at the end in the Works Cited section. Use the “Cite” feature in GALILEO to generate citations, but if an author’s name is shown in all caps, correct this glitch so that the author’s name is in the correct format.

GALILEO Resources, as well as a link to the GALILEO web page, can be found in the “Grammar and Writing Resources” folder in the Lessons area. Tips: A strong supporting quote is a great first sentence or final sentence of an argument essay. Supporting quotes or paraphrases are also good to include in each body paragraph to support the reason you give to support your case.

Expert opinions, statistics, facts, and other credible information are strong support that should be included in your research essay. Remember that you can access GALILEO without a password on your BlackBoard HOME page (lower right side of page).

Remember to be very specific in your search in GALILEO. Limit to full-text, limit to the last few years, and limit to publications in the U.S. unless the issue is a global one. Call your instructor for help. A 15-minute conversation can be very productive to help you with a GALILEO search.

Remember that two outside sources from GALILEO are required at a minimum. You can cite more sources from a GALILEO search as well as sources outside of GALILEO in addition to the two required from a GALILEO search; however, be sure that your source is credible and reliable.

Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. Do not plagiarize. Anything copied directly from another source must be shown as a direct quote. See the Word file attached that has an example outline and Works Cited section for you to use in preparing your own research essay.

Save your research essay file as ENGL 1010 Argument Research Essay with your name included in the file name. CRITERIA You will successfully complete this assignment if you write a well-developed, MLA formatted, grammatically correct 5-paragraph essay with a minimum of two outside sources that persuades the reader to agree with one side of a debatable issue.

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Argument Research Essay

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