Aramex Project

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Dear Writer, id like to thank you in advance, below are the notes to you:

I want a research paper with very simple straight forward language, please do not use complicated terms.

Research paper should be:

  • 3 pages
  • APA style
  • References at the end in as separate page (not included in the page count)

I am working with a group of 5 members on (Aramex project) my part is in the body, as the below two points:

1) Describe the structure of the BoD: size, composition, gender diversity, leadership, qualifications, skills, independent/non-independent, executive/non-executive directors

2) Does the BoD have the committees required by best practice corporate governance codes?Audit, Compensation, Governance, Risk Management, etc.

You  need to: read the attached corporate governance and annual reports for the 2~3 previous years, read thoroughly the financial and the corporate governance reports (attached to you)

Please consider the below this is for grading prupose:

  • Spelling and grammar: Report has no punctuation, spelling, or capitalization errors. Very few grammatical errors exist.
  • Report organization, structure and formatting: All required sections are included, and each is effectively organized and logically structured. Formatting is professional and consistent.
  • Analytical Framework: Analysis is comprehensive and detailed; each point is explained in detail and evidence provided. Analysis is clear, engaging, and thorough and evidence based.
  • Sources and referencing: Report contains no errors in documentation (including citations, signal phrases, or References). Student introduces and analyzes found information in a professional manner.
  • Task completion: Student has understood the objective of the task and completed the assignment as instructed.

Project Synopsis:

  • The objective of the group project is to describe, analyze and evaluate the state of corporate governance practices in companies listed on UAE stock markets (ADX and DFM) and relate it to the concepts and theories covered in class.
  • Each group will work on a chosen specific listed company. The group report should describe and analyze corporate governance practices of the selected company. The analysis should be supported by recent corporate governance reports and annual reports (2 to 3 most recent reports).
  • Students are also encouraged to provide evidence from academic publications (e.g. journal articles) of the main corporate governance mechanisms susceptible of affecting the performance of the firm. Students should use proper academic citation and referencing (any referencing style will be accepted: APA/Harvard/etc.).
  • Your final report must be typewritten (word-processed) and double-spaced. To ensure consistency, you must use a 12-point font and a 1″ margin throughout (left, right, top and bottom). In addition to the report, each group is required to make a presentation in class (in session 9), using appropriate tools such as PowerPoint slides. The presentation, which should be between 10-15 slides in length, will be held during the final session of the course (session 9). Marking rubrics are attached.

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