Applied Scenario Assignment OB

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OBR250- Organizational Behaviour Case



Please go to Pg262 textbook (Organizational Behaviour_Text book Dec 10 2020)

14.1 Building a Customer Service Culture: The Case of Nordstrom


Case Report:

  1. Read the case scenario entitled “Building a Customer Service Culture: The Case of Nordstrom” at the beginning of chapter 14 of your text. Think about the course content and how it applies to the case and each question; this will take researching back through the text and class lectures. Be sure to relate questions back to the concepts/theories/research you learned in OBR250.
  • Write up the responses in one document with a maximum of 12 pages DOUBLE SPACED containing:
    • A title page with your full name (as it appears in blackboard) on it. The title page is NOT included as one of your 12 pages.
    • The case questions followed by answers to each of the case questions, using full sentences, proper grammar, and spelling. Be sure to tie all answers back to concepts, theories, and processes learned in class.

Plagiarism: For this assignment, you are only allowed to use the OBR250 Fall 2019 course text and notes as a resource – any other reference to, or ideas taken from, any other material are strictly prohibited for this assignment. If any content or ideas are taken from any other sources aside from the class text or notes, this constitutes plagiarism and you will received a zero on the assignment. For further information of Seneca’s plagiarism policy (which you are required to adhere to) please go here: ca/academic-policy/acpol-09.html”>   Safe assign will be used to detect any plagiarism


All questions should be answered in relation to the case scenario entitled “Building a Customer Service Culture: The Case of Nordstrom” at the beginning of chapter 14 of your text. You should draw on the relevant chapters in your text to answer the questions.

Read the case “Building a Customer Service Culture: The Case of Nordstrom” at the beginning of chapter 14 of your text”. You are the newly hired organizational consultant hired to help Nordstrom with their organizational culture. They feel they are doing a great job, but want to enhance things further. They want to be the very best go to retailer, and they know an innovative, positive culture will help this. You did all your background work and you have your first meeting with them to answer their questions. Here are there questions below. Please answer each one of them, using full sentences.

Question 1: How would you describe our culture here at Nordstrom?  In your answer, be sure to draw on the 6 dimensions of culture and provide a rating of “low” or “high” on where you think the organization falls on all 6 dimensions, describing your rationale for each rating. (from chapter 14)

Question 2: What suggestions do you give us here at Nordstrom for maintaining and evolving the organizational culture that has contributed to its success? (from chapter 14)

Question 3: We want to make our culture a lot more innovative but we aren’t sure how to do this. Can you please outline the steps you would take to help us make our culture more innovative, including specific examples at each step? (from chapter 14)

Question 4: These ideas are great, but you need to influence our CEO to adopt them. When you go to meet with our CEO, what influence tactics will you use to convince them and why? Write out a sample ‘script” (just a written few paragraph on what you would say) for how you plan to convince them to adopt the steps you wrote in question 4. (from chapter 13)

Question 5: Drawing on what you learned about leadership in this course, what leadership style do you recommend the front-line Managers at Nordstrom use to motivate their teams during this change? Why did you choose this style and what outcome will it have? What style do you recommend the executive leadership team demonstrate and why? (chapter 12)

Question 6: What communication issues do you think Nordstrom will face when implementing their culture change, and how do you propose they address them?  (chapter 8)

Grading Criteria

Marking SchemePossible Marks
The answer to each of the 6 scenario questions with the use of critical thinking and provides an analysis that integrates concepts and terminology from the text and class notes.   Each scenario question is worth 10 points   Will be graded on: Identification and understanding of the issuesAnalysis of topic issues and supporting evidence.Rich in both subject matter and critical thinking. Insightful. Compelling arguments supported using a variety of sound resources.Fully covered; no factual errors; demonstrates clear understanding of topicConcrete and specific recommendations60
Your ability to write in proper essay form i.e. grammatically correct sentences, error-free spelling, organization and clarity of thought Your ability to write in proper essay form. i.e. grammatically correct sentences, error-free spelling, organization and clarity of thought.  Paragraphs are used correctly to organize ideas. Unified, cohesive document: Logical flow of ideas, consistent style. Proper referencing of the textbook and in-class notes throughout.  This includes: consistent and appropriate use of in-text citations, a Works Cited page included at the end, and MLA format. Logical flowKey concepts are consistent Logical conclusions are made10
TOTAL70 points (worth 30% of final grade)

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Applied Scenario Assignment OB

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