Analyze HBC1 and HBC2

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For case analysis 1, you have to analyze HBC1 and HBC2 as listed in the syllabus.
HBC 1: WeChat Work: Bringing Social Networking into Enterprise Workplace
HBC 2: VINSUN Infra Engineering: ERP on Premise or Cloud
Case analyses and writing are considered as both hard and soft skills.
You need to link Case Analysis 1 with what you have learned in the last week. For example, for Case Analysis 1:
Define the problem/challenge in each case, derived from the materials learned so far
Analyze the cases from perspectives learned so far, such as trendspotting, XYZ,
Explore applications of SWOT and OGTM in your analysis
Provide recommendations that are derived from the lessons in the materials covered so far.
I expect 2-3 pages (11pt, Times New Roman, Single space) max per case, i.e., a total of 6-7 pages max for a week’s two case analyses. However, quality matters than filling up the pages; fewer pages with high quality is also fine. If you want to provide some details, those can be added to the Appendix. I suggest iterating your writing to make the analysis crisp and concise.
Quality of your arguments/presentation matters. The content, meaning, and logical flow of your analysis will be graded. Not being able to provide good content and analysis will result in low grades. The detailed grading rubric is as follows:
Introduction (10%), this part may include but not limited to:
Defining the issue(s)–overall as a combination of both cases or for each case separately.
If applicable, go beyond the case to know a firm’s current positioning and challenges and consider additional information.
A critical analysis (40%), this part may include but not limited to:
Analyzing the case data, situation, context, etc.
Selecting decision criteria.
Analyzing and evaluating alternatives (if any).
Recommendations (or innovative thoughts) (40%), this part may include but not limited to:
Generating alternatives.
Developing and discussing an action/implementation plan.
It is great to bring in additional questions. That is a value addition always.
Summary (10%), this part may include but not limited to:
A concluding summary of lessons from both cases, together or separately.
Use professional language.
Good English and Grammer.
No copy-paste. Be careful: more than 20% similarity in Turnitin will lead to plagiarism.
Plan for submission early. Check the similarity score. If it is more than 20%, you need to edit your document and resubmit. Thus, plan early.

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Analyze HBC1 and HBC2

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