Agile Project Management Discussion

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1. Compare and contrast the traditional waterfall approach to project management with Agile Project Management. What are some of the industries that would benefit from Agile Project Management vs traditional waterfall approach. This was the question, so you don’t have to answer this.

just give them feedback from down below Choose any 2 from A-B

A. Agile Project Management vs traditional waterfall can be used for multiple projects. Agile follows more of a throw it together, check it and then redo it again and again over the allotted timeline. Where the traditional waterfall takes up the entire timeline on one build. So Agile has multiple attempts to get the end results where as traditional focuses on one certain area before it can move to the next.

Benefits of agile project management

  • Flexible prioritization
  • Early and predictable delivery
  • Predictable costs and schedules
  • Improves quality
  • More transparency

Benefits of traditional methodology

  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Controllable processes
  • Clear documentation
  • More accountability

A company that I could see that could benefit from using Agile vs Traditional would be healthcare, government and nonprofits. Working for a healthcare that is nonprofit I have a double whammy! In healthcare they are moving as fast as they can and becoming more agile by creating portals or virutal/telehealth, but as soon as they pivot and make a move regulations come in that restrict the flow of being agile. There are so many restrictions and requirements for most of these items such as being HIPAA compliant its hard to be agile. I understand the need for security and to protect PHI/PII. Thankfully today CMS lifted the restrictions on using telehealth meeting all requirements of HIPAA to help medical providers to see patients using non compliant software such as FaceTime, Skype and other audio/video platforms. This is definitely being agile in a time of need with the pandemic of COVID-19 is happening.


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B. Waterfall vs. Agile – Both of these approaches are not new but one has the title of being more traditional. The waterfall approach has a holistic ideology where the entire process is set, up front, and is seen through to the end without changes. Agile has the ‘agility’ to change with the business, client and developer needs. Agile utilizes the Scrum approach which encompasses, not only the single day process, but the start-to-end with the ability for change. There’s a daily Scrum/meeting, impediments are discussed, changes, if need be, are applied, and all stakeholders provide their current position.

A large factor when deciding which approach to use is the scope of your project and the area of need. Tech and modern needs may differ from an older, traditional business style. If you ask who the customer is and when they’ll need visuals on progress, you may want Agile. If they would like to see a clear finish, you may want Waterfall. Waterfall relies on each step completing to fruition, however. I think that’s why Agile has been adopted more so in recent years. It’s better to be able to think on your feet and make changes in real time for the benefit of the project. Waterfall measures the progress more easily since the plan is laid out. With the linear approach, you know the directive and can stay on track.

In my experience, especially with the fickle nature of modern business and technology, the iterative approach of Agile is beneficial in most circumstances. It’s important to pull up every day to discuss current issues and plan to remediate. Agile seems to be more user friendly in an all-inclusive sense. Each stakeholder knows their impact and is often kept in the loop, given their role. But therein begets some of the problems with Agile. Too much customer involvement can stunt your progress. If you change your prioritization too often, you can lose sight of your goal. That’s where a good PM will drive the team to success. It’s also worth noting other management throughout the process plays a major role. The PM may be focused on the final line – other managers may offer insight on a realistic need for the project and seek updates for same-time, immediate needs.

Once again, I’ll suggest Agile in most project needs. There could be circumstances where Waterfall makes clearer sense, but that hasn’t occurred in my experience.


C. With both the waterfall/traditional and the Agile, notes are taken with the customer at the beginning to gather an understanding what the scope of the work will be. During the process, documentation is gathered. Both have budgets and deadlines to produce the final product for the customer.

With waterfall/traditional, very little communication and involvement is required of the customer during the steps (phrases.) This style can be considered more driven by the PM side with that respect. The budget is less predictable because when the final product is given to the customer and changes are requested, it could increase the cost. One industry for this would include theme parks and resorts.

With Agile, the customer is more involved in the steps which are known as sprints. The process is more fluid and the budget is more predictable because of this. This also leads to a better quality product and more satisfaction. Industries for these include sports, legal, the government, and even accounting.…

2. Just give them feedback. 2-3 lines is fine.

A. Topic: Assault Rifle Laws

Thesis: This nation has lived in fear countless times due to the easy access citizens have to assault weapons and rifles, and because of this, the laws need to be tighter on assault weapons than ever before.

  • School shootings/Mass shootings
  • What requirements are necessary to be licensed to carry
  • What restricts those who cannot carry
  • Logical uses/non logical uses of assault rifles

B. Topic: Heroin

Thesis: It is well known that heroin is a huge problem in certain cities but is giving addicts safe injection site really the right way to go?

  • Helping the addicts reach their high
  • Giving people yet to become a heroin user more of a will to do so because they think it safer now
  • Puts medical professionals that work there at risk
  • Puts the city at higher risk for crime

C. Topic: Student Loan Crisis

Thesis: A student loan debt crisis is a national issue. The student loan debt is affecting everyone in the USA. Some students take out loans and then do not graduate from college.

* What impact does student loan debt have on the economy in the USA?
* Who is most affected by student loan debt?
* Why are student loans so expensive?

* What happened if students do not pay their loan?

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