Acquisitions Business issue

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Each student will prepare a research paper on an Acquisitions Business issue of his or her choice. The research paper should be 10-12 pages in length and include at least four bibliographic references in addition to the course text. References should be listed at the end of the paper and should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) formatting.

The APA web site can be consulted for assistance. Some examples of topics are as follows: – Discuss the principle of Acquisitions Management thoroughly. What is the most important? What do you think will become more important over the next two decades?

– Describe the policy-making process and the manager’s role in acquisitions.

– Describe the major types of relationships that exist today between the DoD and corporate America in the acquisitions field.

– Discuss the ethical problems in acquisitions and the effects that it may have on an organization.

– What can be done by Leaders/Commanders to make their organizations better in acquisitions?

– Explain the Lessons in “Leadership” and “Acquisitions” in organizations. Note: These are examples only. You should consider a research paper topic that will be of benefit to you and your organization. If you decide to use a different topic, please contact your professor to discuss in advance.

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Acquisitions Business issue

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