A. 6197 Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy

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Using terms and concepts from chapter 4 (will send via email later) write a brief 2-3 page paper to answer the following questions:

Define strategic planning in terms of the HIS Framework presented in the chapter
What is the relationship between organizational and HIS planning strategies?
Why is it important to align HIS strategy with mission, vision, values, and strategic plan of any type of healthcare organization.

Format paper in APA 7, include a title page and reference page
In addition to textbook, include at least 2 peer reviewed articles or electronic sources to support the points in the paper
The assignment submissions will be tested for plagiarism using
turnitin. Any familiarity score of 20% or above will be subject to investigation.
2.5 pages, 3 references

B. 6156

Policy makers often use infant mortality rates and life expectancy at birth when evaluating the efficacy of health care systems. In addition to living and dying, what other aspects of health status are important? How does the choice of measurement tool change our perspective when evaluating health care systems?

Consider and respond to the question above. In either your response, or as a follow-up to this question, provide one (1) resource link in your group’s online discussion forum pertaining to the subject matter content for that week (see attached PPT). Please provide the link and a brief summary for your resource to help guide your peers’ attention to material that may be useful to their development and feel free to add on to others’ efforts if you know of additional supportive sites that have not yet been discussed.

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A. 6197 Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy

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