1. 6156 Healthcare Economics and Policy

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1. 6156 Healthcare Economics and Policy

The Affordable Care Act

When President Obama signed the ACA in 2010, he declared it would “lower costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government.” What does the evidence look like with respect to this claim? Are private insurance costs up? Is health care spending up? What are the main cost drivers causing high and rising spending? Can we reduce spending and expand access to an additional 40 million Americans simultaneously? Are price controls the answer? How will they affect the health care market? Explain.

Consider and respond to the question above. In either your response, or as a follow-up to this question, provide one (1) resource link in your group’s online discussion forum pertaining to the subject matter content for that week (see PPT attached). also check out this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbBKoyjFLUY
Post your original responses by Thursday. Please provide the link and a brief summary for your resource to help guide your peers’ attention to material that may be useful to their development and feel free to add on to others’ efforts if you know of additional supportive sites that have not yet been discussed. The intent is to build a good repository of content for yourself and your peers to draw upon for this class as well as in your professional affairs. NOTE: Resources may not be duplicated, so the earlier you conduct your search and post your comments, the easier it will be to complete this requirement each week. (1/2 page, around 150 words)

2. Healthcare Informatics
Definition, Purpose and Scope of HIS (see attached PPT)

Discuss ONE of the following and include at least one citation and reference in initial post:

Using the conceptual model, describe definition, purpose and scope of Health Care Informatics Systems.
In what ways can HIS data and information capabilities benefit public health organizations?
Describe the benefits of the HITECH Meaningful Use program metrics for quality and performance.
Discuss the managerial and organizational issues related to the example case

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1. 6156 Healthcare Economics and Policy

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