Wet and Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems Due

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Watch the following video, and then respond to the questions.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained (YouTube/11:28)

What is the most widely used and available fire-extinguishing agent?
What are the five classifications for fire?
Explain how foam extinguishing agents extinguish fires.
If employees are required to use portable fire extinguishers in the event of a fire, what if any, training requirements must be met according to the textbook?
Explain the purpose of fire pumps.
What is a sprinkler system called (known as) that has continuous water under pressure?
How many classes of standpipe systems are there?
What effect does the Halogenated System have on the environment?
What classes of fires is a carbon dioxide extinguisher suitable for use and, if so, how does it extinguish the fire?
What is the purpose of a Fire Department Connection and why would it be used?

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Wet and Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems Due

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