US Foreign Policy on Myanmar

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Paper should clearly:
• Discuss the alternatives to the current policy option by enumerating and explaining each policy option in turn. You should present several policy alternatives, and they must be serious alternatives. The alternatives presented must be serious contenders that have been weighed in terms of pros and cons.
• Pros and cons of each policy option should be discussed next. Identify the political, economic, and security implications for each option. Each policy option should be compared and contrasted to the other options as well as to the current policy. The analysis should seriously consider the feasibility of implementation, not only in terms of economic or strategic implications, but also in terms of political feasibility. There are always going to be some benefits and some costs to any policy proposal – there is no proposal so good that it does not have some costs associated with it. Trade-offs are the heart of the policy process.

• Clearly identify which option will be recommended and which options will be discounted.
• Clearly lay out the argument for why that option is better than each of the others.
• Support your arguments with both quantitative and qualitative evidence from academic and scholarly sources. Please do note overquote sources.
(Paper is due Monday at as indicated in the order)

IMPORTANT: The Summary is required by Friday, 12pm noon and should include the following information:

  1. A statement of current policy;
  2. Reasons for initiation changes;
  3. Policy options to be considered; and
  4. Recommended course of action.

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US Foreign Policy on Myanmar

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